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Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

By Mr.Krazy
9/14/2016 2:17 am
Welcome all to the highly anticipated 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony! This season had many moments to remember and endless twists and turns for many teams, some of which lead their teams to success and others that lead to failure. In the end it was two teams, the Tennessee Titans and the Green Bay Packers, battling it out in the SuperBowl as the cheeseheads walked out of Charlotte, NC hoisting their first ever MFN-1 Lombardi Trophy!

We are gathered here tonight to reflect on the 2028 season with recognition of some of the best players, coaches, and owners that made the 2028 MFN-1 season extraordinarily special. Without further a due, let the 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony begin!

Quarterback of the Year: Atlanta Falcons QB Carl Smith: Smith proved consistency pays off in this league as he captures his 2nd consecutive QB of the Year award after another successful year with Atlanta. Smith threw for 4,637 yards as well as 32 Touchdowns compared to 18 Interceptions. He completed about 58% of his passes and finished off 2028 with a quarterback rating of 90. Smith's mobility created even more problems for defenses as Smith lead the league in rushing yards for a Quarterback with 484 yards, an 11.5 yard average per rush and 7 touchdowns, also putting him 2nd on the all time list for QB rushing touchdowns. Smith's level of production in 2028 was nothing short of amazing and will be a force to be reckoned with for seasons to come. Runner up was New Orleans Saints QB William Shelton.

Running Back of the Year: New Jersey Jets RB August Shaw: The West Virginia product unleashed a breakout season in 2028, wreaking havoc to opposing defenses with 1,233 yards along with an 7.6 yard average per rush and led the league in rushing touchdowns with 19. Shaw wasn't even in the discussion of being an unstoppable back at the beginning of 2028, but he proved that actions speak louder than words after being one of the most dominant Running Backs in the red zone to date. Shaw's motor always ran at full speed in he red zone, demonstrating his uncanny ability to break tackles and his sheer willpower to find the endzone time after time again in 2028. Runner up was Kansas City Chiefs RB Jeffery Medina.

Full Back of the Year: Buffalo Bills FB Scott King: A position that is least respected in football, King reiterated why Full Backs are still a big part of the game. King's dual threat ability made him someone to watch both carrying the ball and catching the ball after he carried the ball 88 times for 206 yards and 2 Touchdowns as well as receive the ball 11 times for 123 yards, making for an 11 yards per reception and 3 Touchdowns. King plays a huge role in all aspects of the passing and rushing game for Buffalo, whether that's giving a key block for the RB, carrying the ball and converting on 3rd down, or giving up zero sacks on the year protecting your Quarterback at all costs. Runner up was San Francisco 49ers FB John Dechant.

Tight End of the Year: Carolina Panthers TE Leon Lightfoot: Its no surprise one of the best Tight Ends in the game receives Tight End of the Year award, especially after having his best season on record. Lightfoot's tremendous speed and escape-ability led him to a 667 yard season with almost 16 yards per reception and 6 touchdowns. Lightfoot proved to be one of the most consistent players at not only the Tight End position, but in the passing game all together after dropping zero passes on the year and giving up zero sacks. His strive for complete perfection makes him an incredible athlete at his position and he is only improving more as he reaches closer to his prime. Runner up was Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE Craig Smith.

Wide Receiver of the Year: Los Angeles Rams WR Gregory Thompson: If you beat the 2nd best receiver in 2028 by over 300 yards receiving, you're a sure fire vote for WR of the Year. Thompson's revival year was 2028 where he saw 132 receptions for 2,377 yards with an 18 average yards per reception and 14 touchdowns. He was the primary target for Los Angeles QB Kyle Brotherton, constantly getting open and gaining massive chunks of yardage. His courage on receiving the ball was outstanding as he would beat out 2 sometimes even 3 defenders for good gains. Stats don't lie, Thompson was by far the superior receiver in 2028 as he is currently listed as #3 all time on reception yards in a season, only behind legendary WR Larry Mull who is #1 and #2. Runner up is Cincinnati Bengals WR Larry Lamberth.

Left Tackle of the Year: Buffalo Bills LT Edward Hopkins: A year where Buffalo Bills Quarterback was only sacked 20 times, Hopkins was an Offensive Tackle that stood out above everybody else in the pass protection game. Hopkins played through 14 games and started each one while giving up no sacks on the season. The now 9th year pro showed excellent blocking skills every game and stood tall over opposing defensive ends all day long. His experience has proven to help shut down even the best defensive pass rushers in the game and his impressive efforts never go unnoticed by anyone in Buffalo. Runner up was Miami Dolphins LT Joe George.

Left Guard of the Year: San Diego Chargers LG Wilbur Bourbeau: Don't be fooled by Bourbeau's veteran experience or age, he had a terrific season at age 32. Started and played in 14 games, Bourbeau specialized in impact blocking all year, giving up only 2 sacks in 2028. His technique in pass protection usually ends in making the opposing rusher look silly as his grappling skills are nearly the same as when he began in his first season in 2018. After a successful 2028 season in terms of blocking, Bourbeau looks to have a few more fantastic seasons with the Chargers before he hangs up the cleats for good. Runner up was New York Giants LG Salvador Davis.

Center of the Year: San Diego Chargers C Randy Thomas: A season where Chargers QB Leslie Wilkerson was only sacked 22 times, Veteran Randy Thomas only gave up 1 the entire year. At 36 years young, many want to conclude that Thomas's glory days at Center are up, but Thomas still proved to be a significant part of the Bolts offensive line after starting and participating in 14 games. Entering into his 15th year of play, Thomas looks to continue where he left off in 2028 by improving his discipline and showing why he was worthy of being selected early in he 1st round of the 2015 MFN draft. Runner up was Pittsburgh Steelers C Brandon Massie.

Right Guard of the Year: Tennessee Titans RG John Hayes: Participating and starting in 15 games, Hayes showed consistent blocks and avoided giving up sacks during critical moments. Hayes gave up only 2 sacks on the year and improved his discipline as the year went on after committing 4 penalties for 40 yards. At 6'3 and 316 pounds, Hayes provides a lot of beef and protection up front for Tennessee and showcases every game day that he is one of the most reliable Guards in the game today. Runner up was Buffalo Bills RG Charles Larson.

Right Tackle of the Year: San Diego Chargers RG Gordon Cooke: Being the 3rd offensive lineman awarded for San Diego, Cooke's style of play leaned heavily more on run blocking than it did pass blocking. At 319 pounds, he loaded up defensive lineman with unbreakable blocks, creating big holes for the Running Back and making good gains out of the play. Started and played in all 16 games, Cooke gave up 5 sacks on the season which would be frowned upon usually, but 2028 was not the year for Right Tackles in terms of pass blocking which was unusual. Cooke's discipline shined through the regular season, giving up 12 yards on only 2 penalties. Runner up was Kansas City Chiefs RT Paul Cady.

Kicker of the Year: Miami Dolphins Kicker Kevin Gallion: Miami didn't quite have the year they wanted, but Gallion ensured they made every point he could kick. Kevin made 41 out of 44 field goal attempts in 2028 making up for a 93% completion of field goals, including making all 4 field goals over 50 yards. The undrafted kicker from Pittsburgh has kept calm in crucial situations when the game was on the line and his foot needed all the power he can muster. Gallion's valiant effort in Miami makes him one of the more rare Kickers in the league. Runner up was Green Bay Packers K Leonard Baker.

Punter of the year: Houston Texans P Brian Addis: In his final year, Addis left the field on a good note earning the rights to be the 2028 Punter of the Year. Addis punted the ball 142 times for 6,581 yards, totaling up for a 46 yard punting average and 2nd in yards for the season as well as all-time in a season. What really stood out for Addis in his final season was his Punts inside the 20; 29 punts to be exact. Addis's accuracy was nothing short of phenomenal as his determination to start the opposing offense backed up in their own end zone was incredible. Runner up was Tampa Bay Buccaneers P Marvin Arciniega who broke the All-time record of yards punted in a single season.

Left Defensive End of the Year: Atlanta Falcons LDE Rafael Mercado: Atlanta's defense stood tall in 2028, mainly against the pass as Mercado proved time and time again this year. Mercado brought his A game in 2028, racking up a career high 34 sacks, 32 tackles and a forced fumble. Mercado dominated the left side of the line all season, often catching the offensive lineman off guard with his speed, jukes and spin moves. Entering his 9th season in MFN-1, Mercado looks to continue to build dominance along the defensive line and find more ways to cause problems for the opposing offense. Runner up is Carolina Panthers LDE Anthony Kesler.

Defensive Tackle of the Year: San Francisco 49ers DT Anthony Shearin: Providing excellent run stopping ability and a hell of a pass rush, Shearin demonstrated why he should be one of the most feared defensive lineman in the game. Shearin totaled up 30 tackles and 27 sacks on the season as a Defensive Tackle. He is now listed as #1 for most sacks in a single season by a Defensive Tackle. His freakish speed off the snap caught numerous offensive lineman off guard and before the Quarterback knew what was happening, he was on the ground staring at Shearin's shiny Red and Gold cleats. Runner up was Los Angeles Rams DT Christian Holmes.

Right Defensive End of the Year: Cincinnati Bengals RDE Mario Landry: Entering his 3rd year in MFN-1, the offensive lineman that will have to guard Landry better pack some extra underwear. Landry's a one of a kind Defensive End, displaying a never ending motor and always giving 120% on the field every snap. Landry finished 2028 with 52 tackles, 2028 season leader in sacks with 35 and a pass knockdown. In only 2 seasons of play, Landry has already garnished 52 sacks in the regular season, proving why he stands out above the rest as the best Defensive End in football, well at the very least the 2028 season. Runner up was Tennessee Titans RDE Michael Martin.

Weak Side Linebacker of the Year: Washington Redskins WLB Michael Montes: In back to back seasons, Michael Montes proves why he is the greatest Weak Side Linebacker playing today after earning WLB of the Year for the 2nd straight year. Montes finished up 2028 with 98 tackles, 7 sacks, 8 pass knockdowns, 5 interceptions and 3 forced fumbles. Montes's ability to read the offensive play before the snap often puts him in excellent positions to execute big plays whether that's a tackle for the loss, a 3rd down stop, or a crucial interception. #91 shows no signs of slowing down as one of the most elite linebackers in the game. Runner up was Carolina Panthers WLB Gary Belanger.

Middle Linebacker of the Year: New Orleans Saints MLB David Phillips: Phillips shut down the middle of the field in 2028, causing Quarterbacks to force other options in difficult situations many times. Phillips was a key part in pass defense for the Saints, making 52 tackles, 18 sacks, 3 pass knockdowns, and 4 interceptions. Quarterbacks struggled to complete passes to their targets if Phillips was in coverage as only 23% of passes were completed against him. It was very difficult for offenses to read Phillips style of play, whether he was going to rush the quarterback or drop back into excellent zone coverage. Phillips field of play satisfied the need of an elite MLB that New Orleans wanted, and they got exactly that. Runner up was Dallas Cowboys MLB Rob Clayton.

Strong Side Linebacker of the Year: Indianapolis Colts SLB Shawn Maxwell: Maxwell defined what it meant to be a Strong Side Linebacker in 2028, constantly getting pressure on the quarterback and causing mayhem for the offense. Maxwell finished off a successful campaign with 69 tackles, 17 sacks, and 4 forced fumbles; making up for an outstanding year. The Boise State product provided some up front strength on the strong side of the ball, constantly pushing through the line and making aggressive but clean tackles. Entering his 6th year in MFN, Maxwell will look to have an even more explosive season in 2029. Runner up is Buffalo Bills SLB Aaron Jackson.

Corner Back of the Year: Atlanta Falcons CB Victor Erickson: It is safe to say that Erickson is just now entering his prime after a breakout season in which he led the league in interceptions. Erickson finished off 2028 with his dominant defense making 106 tackles (only 4 missed), 21 pass knockdowns and 10 interceptions. Erickson proved to be a lock down corner for Atlanta's dominant defense, making the most tackles out of his own team. Erickson played 2028 with a vision on both the Quarterback and the receiver, making proper adjustments and often denying the receiver a chance at catching the ball. With Erickson entering his 5th year, he still has the youth to make critical plays in crucial moments of the game and he could possibly lead his defense to a trip to the Superbowl in 2029. Runner up was Tennessee Titans CB Forrest Irvine.

Free Safety of the Year: Pittsburgh Steelers FS Charles Won: Charles Won the 2028 FS of the Year award. All jokes aside, Won covered a large portion of the field with his quick reaction to the snap of the ball, making him an unpredictable FS at times. Won ended his rookie season with 62 tackles, 12 pass knockdowns, 6 interceptions and one that went for 6. Opposing Quarterbacks often struggled to find separation between their target and Won as only 25% of passes were completed against him. Entering his 2nd year, Won will look to learn even more about the physical and mental side of football as he grows ever more into the Free Safety Pittsburgh knows he can turn out to be. Runner up was New Orleans Saints FS Sean Westmoreland.

Strong Safety of the Year: Houston Texans SS Leroy Fennell: Fennell proved to be one of the more valuable Safeties in 2028, making big stops time and time again and shutting down a good length of the field. Fennell ended his 4th year in MFN-1 with 91 tackles, 8 pass knockdowns, and 3 interceptions. What made Fennell stand out above the rest was his uncanny ability to negate a what could have been completed pass. Only 20% of passes were completed against Fennell, proving him to be one of the better pass defense safeties in the league. His consistent play makes him a valuable part of the Texans secondary and his performance in 2028 earned him the right to be called the best Strong Safety in 2028. Runner up was Cincinnati Bengals SS Larry Benson.

Kick Returner of the Year: Green Bay Packers RB Thomas Perz: Runner up last year, #1 this year is Perz who showed excellent route running in kick returns. Perz helped start Green Bay in great field position after returning the ball 34 times for 1,239 yards and 1 Touchdown. Perz's 36 yard average made him even more favorable in voting for Kick Returner of the Year, and Perz will look forward to continue his dominance on special team in 2029. Runner up was Atlanta Falcons WR Ashley Peacock.

Punt Returner of the Year: Green Bay Packers WR Raymond DeAngelo: Green Bay dominated in all aspects of special teams in 2028, mainly through DeAngelo who had a breakout season in 2028. DeAngelo set up the Pack in excellent starting position time and time again after returning the punt 51 times for 1,143 yards along with a 22.3 yards average per return and 7 touchdowns. DeAngelo's success on special teams help push Green bay to a winning record and eventually deep into the playoffs and a Superbowl win. Runner up was Atlanta Falcons WR Forrest Beavers.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Seattle Seahawks WR Frank King: King's rookie performance in Seattle didn't come as a surprise to many after having a very successful college career in Florida State. King's electric speed and definitive route running ability often put defenders on skates after King racked up 1,686 yards on 86 receptions and 6 touchdowns. His 19.6 yards per reception made him look like a seasoned veteran and showed some hints of a "Larry Mull" kind of receiver. If King's success grows even more, we may see another franchise receiver in Seattle yet. Runner up was Indianapolis Colts WR Matthew Henderson.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: San Francisco 49ers DT Robert Tate: Tate set the tone in 2028 as a dual threat Defensive Tackle that offenses need to fear for years to come. Coming from Michigan State, Tate made an immediate impact, racking up 33 tackles, an impressive 23 sacks, only 9 missed tackles, a pass knockdown and 1 unbelievable interception. Tate's fiery aggressive nature led him on a path of destruction for opposing Quarterbacks, putting pressure on offenses for all 4 quarters and there is no reason to say he won't be doing this for years to come. Runner up was Pittsburgh Steelers FS Charles Won.

MVP of the Year: Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Carl Smith: Smith was all the talk in 2028, having a record year for his franchise and dominating in almost every game he played in. In total, he paved the way for 39 touchdowns; 32 passing and 7 rushing. Smith's play in 2028 was nothing short of incredible as he proved every game how clutch he was when it mattered. Entering into his 6th year with a scary good offense and a powerhouse defense, Smith could find his way deeper into the record books and could very well dig his way to the very top at next years Superbowl.

Breakout star of the Year: Los Angeles Rams WR Gregory Thompson: Nobody expected Thompson to have the kind of season he did in 2028. Despite finishing off the season with a losing record, Thompson broke free from a season where he saw 55 receptions for 819 yards and 4 touchdowns, and ended up as the #1 receiver in 2028 with 132 receptions for 2,337 yards making up for an 18 average yards per reception and 14 Touchdowns. His explosive 2028 campaign brought praise among teammates every game after collecting massive amounts of yards. Thompson hopes to continue his maturity as a threat receiver and will continue to grow as an athlete in 2029.

Robert Pryor Award: The Robert Pryor award was first presented in 2025 to honor former MLB of the Baltimore Ravens Robert Pryor, who retired in 2024 while holding the All Time record in Tackles, which has since been broken. This award is presented every year to be awarded to the player who succeeded in efficiency and consistency in bring the ball carrier down with the most tackles made this season. This year's winner of the Robert Pryor award is Indianapolis Colts FS Paul Saavedra as he made the most tackles out of anyone, 119 successful tackles this year. Saavedra ensured every game that he could bring down the ball carrier in the most efficient way possible and not give up too much in the process. Saavedra's success on the field leads to reward and that reward is the Robert Pryor award, Congratulations!

Joshua Guidi Clutch Performer of the Year award: This award was brought along last year and is awarded every year to commemorate former Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Joshua Guidi, who holds the all time record for passing yards with 57,881 yards and 422 Touchdowns, more than any other Quarterback in MFN-1 history. This award is given to the player who showed the most passion for the game of football, the most courage, the will to play the game with everything the human body can withstand each and every snap, the athlete who performed hard enough to come through in clutch moments whether that's winning games, performing above standards, or competing with love for the sport of football.

This years winner of the Joshua Guidi Clutch performer of the year award is New Jersey Running Back August Shaw. Shaw's performance for New Jersey proved to be beyond what was expected, finding the endzone more than any other back with 19 touchdowns. Shaw showed true emotion on the field with every run he did, with every tackle broken, and with every touchdown. Shaw provides a winning combination on and off the field as he is a heavily respected member of the New Jersey community, donating to various charity's every month. His hard work on and off the field propelled him to be awarded the Joshua Guidi Clutch performer of the Year award!

Mr.Consistency Award: This award is presented every year to the player who participated in the most snaps which was Cincinnati Bengals Center Michael Sea who started and played in all 16 games and competed in 1,554 plays. Sea carries the offense with his unpredictable snap reaction time, giving the defense little time to react when the ball is snapped. Sea was awarded the Joshua Guidi Clutch performer of the Year award last year for his multi-purpose performance in 2027, but he committed to the pass protection game in 2028 which led to successful results for his offense. Congratulations Michael Sea for being Mr.Consistency in 2028!

Ball Hawk of the Year: This award goes to the player who picked off the Quarterback the most times in 2028 who was Atlanta Falcons CB Victor Erickson. Erickson was a turnover beast, jumping out in front of the receiver at the last second to snatch the ball away as quickly and successfully as he could. Although the passes completed against him were more than you would expect (39%), his eye on the ball was excellent as he showed opposing receivers how to really catch a football. Erickson's breakout year helped the Falcons reach the playoffs and venture deep into the post season, who's to say he won't continue his reign of terrorizing Quarterbacks with his stellar pass defense skills?

Stripper of the Year award: It's not the award that you think it is.. This brand new award is presented to the player who stripped the ball carrier the most times out of anyone in a season. The player that forced the most fumbles in 2028 was Baltimore Ravens FS Ryan Zabel who forced 6 fumbles. Zabel was the highlight of the Ravens defense in 2028, finding unique ways to force the ball out of the carrier's hands and into the hands of his fellow teammates or himself. Zabel proved to be clutch in different moment of the game and will look to be more of a punishing safety in 2029.

Rookie Owner of the Year: Trslick- Washington Redskins: Trslick took over a talented roster in Washington with some good expectations in front of him. Washington ended 2028 with a positive record of 9-7 and although they did not make the playoffs, it is quite impressive to enter into MFN-1 and come away with a winning record in your first year of ownership. Going 4-2 in your division is even more remarkable. With Trslick entering in his 2nd year, he will look forward to the potential Washington has to go further into the W Column.

Owner of the Year and Comeback team of the Year: MartinWarnett and the San Francisco 49ers: At the end of the 2027 season, things looked bleak for the future of the 49ers after a disappointing 5-11 season and last in the NFC West. MartinWarnett decided to turn things around in San Fran and had a high rate of success in 2028. San Francisco both offensively and defensively sharpened up in 2028, going 12-4 and locking up the divisional Championship as well as going far into the post-season. With 2029 around the corner, MartinWarnett and the 49ers will look to make even more noise in the regular season as well as the playoffs.

Rookie Head Coach of the Year: Los Angeles Rams HC Theodore Tibbetts: Tibbetts has a lot to learn being a head coach in MFN-1, but he has had a moderate start to his head coach career in Los Angeles. Going 6-10, nothing too much is thought about Tibbetts being a successful Head Coach. But we all have to have a starting point somewhere, right? Tibbetts has an ever-young growing roster on his hands and with the right coordinating and planning, Tibbetts could find himself in the popular coach talk soon.

Head Coach of the Year: Green Bay Packers HC Douglas Keene: Keene's last year of coaching Green Bay didn't go unnoticed after having a successful send off season. The now Secondary Coach had an enormous amount of success in 2028 after taking the division, dug deep into the playoffs, and won the Packers their first Vince Lombardi Trophy. Running a high powered offense and an equally demanding defense, Keene never showed the slightest bit of doubt in any game and always kept a calm but strict environment in the locker room.

Misfire of the Year: Miami Dolphins: After going 12-4 and earning the division title for the 3rd consecutive year, much more was expected in Miami in 2028 than what actually occurred. Unfortunately for the Dolphins, they could never finish off on a right note in 2028 as they finished the season with a losing record of 5-11 and last in the AFC East. Some of the problems in 2028 were believed to be passing completions as Miami finished in the lower half with a 53% passing completion rating. Regardless of what may have slowed down Miami in 2028, Miami will be looking to strike back with force in 2029 in a division that is pulsating with talent and competitiveness.

And that will conclude the 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony, I want to thank everyone who participated in the 2028 season and made it that much more special. I also want to thank everyone who supports me doing these off-season posts and enjoys them. Took a lot of man hours to research and conclude who would win their respective awards.

Before we all depart tonight, I would just like to say there is more coming soon.. What do I mean by that?? Well, you'll just have to wait and see ;)

I'm Michael "Mr.Krazy" Kenseth signing off, Goodnight everybody! And remember to drive home safely, if you've had one too many drinks, we'll call a cab for you, just don't complain about the bill!

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Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

By WarEagle
9/14/2016 5:01 am
Excellent job as usual!


Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

By ibblacklavender02
9/14/2016 7:39 am
Always a pleasure sir!!!

Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

9/14/2016 7:47 am
Excellent as always!

Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

By JCSwishMan33
9/14/2016 8:38 am
I love reading these... Even though my players are (almost) consistently not on it. Heh.

Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

By jsid
9/14/2016 12:16 pm
Yes! Always had a great feeling about Carl Smith and still can't believe he fell to 1.12 in 2014. I had to give up 1.26, 3.2, 3.26, and 4.26 that year to get him, but I think it was worth it. Linked the player cards that ended up in those draft positions for shiggles. In hindsight I think I won that trade ;)

Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

By martinwarnett
9/14/2016 12:32 pm
Thanks for the awards, don't believe I personally deserve the two given.
Last edited at 9/14/2016 12:32 pm

Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

By Wolfpack
9/14/2016 12:45 pm
Great write up thanks!

Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

By JCSwishMan33
9/14/2016 1:03 pm
jsid wrote:
Yes! Always had a great feeling about Carl Smith and still can't believe he fell to 1.12 in 2014. I had to give up 1.26, 3.2, 3.26, and 4.26 that year to get him, but I think it was worth it. Linked the player cards that ended up in those draft positions for shiggles. In hindsight I think I won that trade ;)

Now why do you have to rub it in like that, eh? Heh.

To be fair, two of the guys from that trade are still on my team and contributing solidly, one is doing work in Minnesota, and one didn't fit my scheme but should be picked up because he can still contribute.

As it is, congrats on the award. Heh.

Re: 2028 MFN-1 Season Award Ceremony

By Black Adder
9/14/2016 1:47 pm
As always thanks so much for taking the time and effort to do these,very much appreciated.