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kick holders

By veg2052
11/03/2013 8:36 am
dumb question here, I can't find the rating on the player cards, where is it?

Re: kick holders

By Groo
11/03/2013 10:25 am
When you open a player card, you'll have to go to View, then ratings will be one of the tabs on the right part of the screen. Kick holding will be near the bottom.

Re: kick holders

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
11/03/2013 5:40 pm
You can also search by the attribute to find the best kick holder on your team, and if you want to have it show up on the card you can go into your player attribute weights. Any non-zero weight for a position will show up on a player card for that position.

Re: kick holders

By veg2052
11/03/2013 10:09 pm
okay, thanks