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Update: Punting!

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
4/25/2014 4:05 pm
I just pushed an update in time for Week 1 here at MFN-1. It's actually pretty huge as I've been watching the tests - punting now will effectively aim to drop the ball inside the 10 yard line (if you're close enough). The coverage team also has the ability to down the ball. I saw several fair catches as well as downing the ball in testing.

The one aspect that I may still look at is the regular punting situations; I'd love to hear feedback on what the punt returns looked like both in situations where the ball is dropped inside the 10, as well as situations that are too far out to do that.

Re: Update: Punting!

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
4/29/2014 3:56 pm
I just pushed a few tweaks to the punting that should cut down on the number of long returns. I have the general kicks going higher, so the coverage team is more able to get to the returner; I also have a greater variance in how much hang time there is, where the better the punter's accuracy is the less variance there is. Let me know if you have any feedback; the changes will take effect in 2017 week 4.