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Re: 2025 MFN-1 Season Awards and Mock Draft!

By Mr.Krazy
1/29/2016 12:54 am
So as you may already know, I missed my annual 2024 post season articles as life and school really got in the way for a couple of months as I was barely on MyFootballNow. But things have now calmed down enough to where I will bring back the Regular Season Awards and possibly the 2026 Mock Draft!

As always, I will base my awards on positions, MVP of the year, ROY, and a couple custom awards that you will have to wait and see... Factors that will go into the winner of the awards will include specific stats, team success, and overall improvement as well as where they stack up overall in the league.

Will try to do a mock draft this season basing on what the teams will lose to Free agency and what they lack in positional depth/ how talented the depth of that position is.

And if there is still time to do another off-season article before preseason begins, i will do my 1st ever top 50 players of the season article. I would base the players positioning on of course their performance, contribution to the team, and stats.

I'm glad to begin doing these articles again, and if anyone would like to help me in any of the articles, give feedback to what I am writing, or just to make any suggestions for an off season article reviewing the past season, let me know!

The 2025 MFN Season Awards will be presented as soon as the off season is in full swing, and i'll let you guys know when the Seasonal Award ceremony will happen, so stay tuned!

Last edited at 1/29/2016 12:56 am