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Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

By Mr.Krazy
4/21/2016 10:39 pm
Here we go again! The annual Mock Draft is about to get under way for the 2027 MFN draft. A quick little review as this draft class has some interesting sidenotes one may want to know..

-The top two players in the draft are both Tight Ends, and also makes for an entertaining rookie watch as one of these two athletes are more than likely to be picked up at #1

-The 1st round may have a run of receivers with over 10 players being ranked in the top 50 prospects of the draft.

-There seems to be no Franchise Quarterback this year in what is a seemingly weak Quarterback class which is the reason why I left Quarterbacks off of the list.

-Arizona is in desperate need of a Punter and will go to tremendous lengths to find that gem of a punter to make Arizona a serious playoff competitor.

Without further a due, here is the 2027 MFN 1 Mock Draft!

1.1 Minnesota TE Donald Eberle Texas- El Paso: The lasso from El Paso, Donald Eberle is a rare athlete that is almost 100% certain to be a starter for his entire Career. With his 4 year run in College, he put up massive numbers, broke numerous Touchdown records, receiving records, seasonal yards, plain and simple, he is a beast. The 6'4 Heisman winner put up numbers close to 1500 yards in his senior year, beating all but 7 receivers.

1.2 Tampa Bay SS Guy Duque Minnesota- Deluth: Tampa finds the Safety help they need with Duque. Although a little short for his position at 5'10, he is a defenses dream, with receiver like hands able to intercept the deep passes or break up the shorter ones. He thoroughly impressed scouts more at the combine, being the fastest guy in the draft with a 4.26 time.

1.3 Cincinnati RDE Chris Contreras Arizona State: Contreras brings the lightning speed, quick reactions, and great read of the call to Cincy. Putting up a 30 sack season in his Senior year, including 4 forced fumbles and one that went to the house, shaped a breakout year and a NCAA defensive player of the year award. Watch out for Contreras to break out of the gates a offensive lineman's nightmare.

1.4 Detroit TE Thomas Sandstrom Springfield: Sandstrom drops to #4 and could become the threshold of a new beginning in Detroit. Sandstrom has a unique ability of turning broken plays into long gains. Breaking multiple records at Springfield, he could very well do the same in MFN-1 as he shattered the original touchdown record in Springfield with 13 TD's. His journey to an All-Star career begins now.

1.5 Oakland RDE Mario Landry Louisiana State: Landry comes off a very successful defensive year at Louisiana, getting at least 2 sacks in almost every game and coming through in the clutch in critical moments. Landry's block shedding is incredible and can even make the most elite lineman look like swiss cheese.

1.6 Indianapolis RG Thomas Mayer Aurora: Giving up zero sacks in his Senior year will attract any scout, and what better team to go with than Indy who desperately needs protection up front. Mayer has great snap reflexes and outstanding footing placement in his blocking, making him the obvious choice as the first O-Lineman picked in the draft.

1.7 Denver RB James Crozier UCLA: Coming out of UCLA with determination is Crozier who was voted the top RB in the NCAA by a vote of 89 to 11. Crozier had 4 straight 1,000 yard rushing seasons, all complemented with 10+ Rushing TD's and a unforgettable Senior year where he rushed for 2,168 yards and 19 Touchdowns. Crozier can be the missing factor for Denver to turn the team around to a victorious team.

1.8 New England WR Richard McClean Southern California: Coming off of a close to 2,000 yard season, McClean will be thoroughly missed as a top receiver in Southern Cal. McClean tied for the fastest time in the 40 yard dash as well as being the top player at the combine in the broad jump. McClean's work ethic is far beyond good and has the mentality of a top notch receiver and what better team to become successful with than New England.

1.9 New York SLB Conrad Boyce Tulane: Boyce stood out as the #1 Strong side Linebacker in the draft after having a stellar year in Tulane. Boyce Led the team in tackles with over 100 tackles made, 13 for loss, and 6 sacks, making him an outstanding defensive player overall.

1.10 Seattle MLB Martin Weigel Wake Forest: After intercepting the ball 3 times in his last 2 games, scouts took a closer look at his stats and realized Weigel is an offensive nightmare. Breaking the school record of most tackles made in a season with 122 tackles, Weigel makes sure the ball carrier is left with a mark at the end.

1.11 Cincinnati WR Jonathan Kissell West Virginia: With Cincy's 2nd pick in the 1st round, Kissell is the man up front. Kissell's work at West Virginia makes made many scouts believe he will become one of the top receivers in MFN-1. Kissell's got a knack for coming through with the catch and is never afraid to catch it in double coverage. Having a 1900 yard season and breaking the school's TD record with 16 makes Kissell a very valueable player.

1.12 Los Angeles WR Raymond DeAngelo San Diego State: The now Los Angeles Rams pick up DeAngelo who brings momentum like no other receiver in his rookie year. After having 6 touchdowns in his last two game, DeAngelo stated that there is more where that came from. Being one of the fastest and strongest players in the draft, DeAngelo brings competition like no other to opposing defensive backs.

1.13 Houston CB Joseph Barber Georgetown: Barber enters the draft with the title of the best corner in the NCAA, especially when it comes to man coverage, having a less completion ratio than when he is in zone coverage. capping off a 8 interception senior season, Barber is looking to continue his success as a lockdown man to man corner.

1.14 San Diego WR Brian Lord Bates: Lord showed consistency all year long at Bates in his senior year, breaking the school record for most receptions as well as touchdowns. His commitment to catching difficult throws makes him a more desirable receiver and his consistency could bring great success to San Diego.

1.15 Baltimore DT Edwin Melton Hamline: Baltimore brings in some much needed youth to the defensive line and Melton is the man to stop the run cold. Melton's ability to shed the blocks quickly and pursue the ball carrier is fantastic in itself and the potential that Melton has to improve in other areas is very positive.

1.16 Green Bay TE Kent McNulty California: Mcnulty's potential in MFN is very high after coming off the last three games with 4 touchdowns. Mcnulty can work both in the passing and blocking game as he showed great hands at the combine as well as the strength to hold back opposing defenders. The leading Tight End in yardage and Touchdowns looks to further improve his resume' with Green Bay.

1.17 Tennessee DT Thomas Martinez Arkansas: Martinez is another athlete that is no stranger to stopping the run as Martinez was the best DT in stopping the run for a loss. Martinez also is no stranger to applying pressure on the quarterback as Martinez's pass rush often found himself chasing after the Quarterback. Martinez will bring heavy work ethic as well as the preparedness to reign terror on offensive lineman.

1.18 Arizona WR Michael Abron Tabor: Abron broke multiple records at Tabor in his Junior and Senior year as his B&R Avoidance was spectacular all year round. Abron will bring a speedy yet excellent mentality to Arizona and could be the receiver that makes Arizona a pass-happy playoff contender. Position change to Punter is optional.

1.19 Kansas City RG Darryle Laney Washington: Laney provides up front strength for Kansas City being the strongest player in the draft doing the Bench press 40 times (Although he did bounce the bar off his belly) Laney provided great run blocking as well as efficient pass protection for the quarterback all season long, making him one of the top Offensive lineman in the draft.

1.20 New Orleans RDE Jerald Johnson Missouri - Rolla: Johnson comes off a consistent senior season, sacking the quarterback 16 times. Johnson has unique block shedding abilities as well as a lockdown on the ball carrier, making the tackle 90% of the time when in pursuit.

1.21 Cincinnati RB Ted Cash Taylor: Cincinnati ends off their run of 1st round picks with Cash, making it an excellent 1st round for Cincy. Cash gives 100% effort on every play, even on the few loss plays he still tried to get back to the line. Cash's quick bursts of speed make him a favorite as a runningback and his 1500 yard season shows how much effort he gives in every game.

1.22 Atlanta WLB Kevin Brown Missouri: Brown shut down the weakside all season long and provided multiple highlights for youtube with his earth shaking big hits. Brown plays excellent in the run game as well as in coverage and he looks to improve his game from the professionals of MFN.

1.23 New Jersey WR Gerald Bradberry Boston: Bradberry leaves Boston with a statement after getting 1785 yards and 13 Touchdowns, breaking both school records. Bradberry brings fresh hands to a consistent team as well as a veteran mindset and an ultimate skillset to make a successful receiver.

1.24 Philadelphia WR Frank Gibson Iowa State: Returner of the year and a successful NCAA career, Gibson comes into MFN with high confidence and momentum. Gibson showed outstanding catching skills at the combine as well as concentration to his routes and cuts. with Gibson getting 6 returns for a touchdown, his return skills can be utilized to greatly improve the special teams play.

1.25 Jacksonville RB Jose Fisher South Carolina: Fisher comes off a successful senior campaign in South Carolina, working well in both the passing and rushing game going 1400 yards rushing and 500 yards in the passing game while totaling 20 touchdowns. Fisher possesses the ability to find small holes and turn them into big gains, but if that translates to MFN will determine his success.

1.26 San Francisco WR John Andrews Wisconsin: Something good is cooking in San Fran and if Andrews gets added to the receiving corps, the 49ers could be a dangerous team in 2027. Andrews was the leading receiver in Wisconsin the past 3 years and shows great route running abilities as well as effort into difficult catches. His build makes up an early round pick yet his potential goes for more of a late round pick, we'll see how his success in the NCAA translates to MFN.

1.27 Miami FS Luke Stewart Martin Luther: Stewart tore it up at Martin Luther being very electric in the pass defense game as well as being a hard hitting safety that can play anywhere on the field. His quickness and discipline make him a favorable late 1st round pick that could be valued as early 1st rounder depending on his success in MFN.

1.28 Chicago WR Donald Morales Iowa State: Morales showed an efficient run in the NCAA, coming away with 11 Touchdowns and over 1300 receiving yards at Iowa. His courage to catch the difficult passes makes him a standout receiver that could lead Chicago even further into the playoffs.

1.29 Carolina CB James Miyamoto Howard: Looking to add youth to an aging secondary, Carolina selects Miyamoto who could lean on the success of Blankenship. Miyamoto broke school records for interceptions coming away with 6 last season. He never gives up on the receiver and make excellent plays in crucial moments of the game.

1.30 San Diego C Bernard York Notre Dame: York provides great ball snap abilities and Protection up front for San Diego. York showed consistency throughout his career at Notre Dame, only giving up 4 sacks in his 4 years there. York gives San Diego more strength on the offensive line as well as more youth.

1.31 Washington RT Cory Verde William Jewell: Verde ended his NCAA career with success, having improved run blocking skills and impressive pass protection skills as well. Verde can give Washington the protection and edge that could put them in contention for a Super Bowl win.

1.32 Pittsburgh MLB Lee Needham Tennessee: Needham showed great effort in completing the tackle all season long in his senior year as well as great physical play in the passing and running game. Needham could fill a position of need for a team that is coming off its first Super Bowl victory and clog up the middle of the field, leading the opposing teams facing Pittsburgh with limited options down the middle of the field.

Teams without a 1st round pick:

Re: Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

4/21/2016 11:13 pm
Interesting and a good read. Good job!

Re: Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

By ibblacklavender02
4/22/2016 12:46 am
Damn Mr.Krazy!
Back at it again with the Mock Draft!!!

Seriously great job! I enjoy them a lot!

Re: Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

By Black Adder
4/22/2016 5:34 am
Many thanks,great read once again Mr K,.

Re: Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

By lellow2011
4/22/2016 7:25 am
Sigh, of course my top target goes number 1 overall.

Re: Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
4/22/2016 10:12 am
Mr.Krazy wrote:
1.7 Denver RB James Crozier UCLA: Coming out of UCLA with determination is Crozier who was voted the top RB in the NCAA by a vote of 89 to 11. Crozier had 4 straight 1,000 yard rushing seasons, all complemented with 10+ Rushing TD's and a unforgettable Senior year where he rushed for 2,168 yards and 19 Touchdowns. Crozier can be the missing factor for Denver to turn the team around to a victorious team.

Good call. He was actually #2 on my list but my #1 went earlier. He has been renamed as the younger brother of another Denver legend.

Re: Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

By lellow2011
4/22/2016 10:45 am
I was hoping to grab another DE, but NE grabbed the guy I was hoping for at 11. Oh well, the CB Barber is a pretty nice player as well and well be great in man coverage from day 1.

Re: Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

By Morbid
4/22/2016 10:57 am
lellow2011 wrote:
I was hoping to grab another DE, but NE grabbed the guy I was hoping for at 11. Oh well, the CB Barber is a pretty nice player as well and well be great in man coverage from day 1.

Its the trickle down effect, I wanted RB Cozier but he was taken by Denver before

Re: Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

By jsid
4/22/2016 11:07 am
I mean, that was my #1 overall. You lose a little bit of strip ball with your pick, but I feel that's a fairly unproved attribute so you have just a marginal downgrade. Training camp could swing either of those players big time if either busts.

Re: Mr.Krazy's 2027 Mock Draft

By Gustoon
4/22/2016 2:07 pm
Spooky, I got in late and only just managed to sort out my manual draft, I was going to select a DT but at the last moment went WR, good call.