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A few potential starters on the block

By nero
8/29/2013 4:27 am
A couple won't make the team, this is a good chance to add a quality starter or some depth.

SS P Robertson 37/65 (2nd)
DT C Perez 35/63 (2nd)
DT B Anderson 25/58 (3rd)
DE F Rice 43/68 (2nd)
RB A Langham 43/57 (3rd)
WR J Benoit 41/54 (3rd/high 4th)
TE M Thompson 33/50 (best offer)

Not looking for any talent, I prefer either picks or to package a player or two with a pick of mine to move up in next year's draft.

I'm also not looking to get into bidding wars, so the first decent offer I get I'll take. I've put in approximate values just as a guide but I'm willing to negotiate.