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Re: 2028 Season In Review: Cowboys 2nd Division Title

By Mr.Krazy
9/21/2016 2:26 am
Dallas, TX- As the 2029 season is almost set to begin, we look back on a successful year for the Cowboys in 2028 after winning their 2nd Division Title in Franchise History under GM Michael Kenseth. We'll also reflect on the retirements and losses to free agency as well as additions from free agency and the draft.

After a 1-3 pre-season performance, it didn't seem like Dallas was going to have a chance at the division title, let alone have a positive record. Dallas began the season's first 7 games undefeated, going 7-0 being led by 3rd year QB Donald Meyer. Week 8 proved to be a challenge for the Cowboys after going up against another undefeated team in the San Francisco 49ers. Dallas got belted losing 48-10, but that didn't stop the Cowboys from keeping their heads up as well as their confidence. Dallas went on to win only 3 of their last 8 games in the 2nd half of the season, but finished with a 10-6 record and Dallas's 2nd NFC East Division title in less than 4 years.

Dallas won the Wild Card game against the heavily favored New Orleans Saints, Who finished with an outstanding 14-2 record in a thrilling overtime victory. The Cowboys post season came to an abrupt end after a devastating loss to the Atlanta Falcons. But the front office and players of the Dallas Cowboys leave the 2028 season behind them satisfied that they came away with their 2nd division championship. "So proud of the effort and determination by everybody really on our team in 2028. Every player, coach, and staff member contributed in some way to help us achieve our goal and thats what really made the 2028 season special, it was a team effort, not just individual" said a satisfied GM Michael Kenseth, who feels confident that there is more potential for this team in the near future. "If everything goes accordingly, we may be on our way to a 3rd division title and maybe even more, but you can never know in this league".

As the 2028 season came to a close, players were last seen cleaning out their lockers, some disappointed Dallas didn't go further into the playoffs, but most satisfied to how far they got. "I'm glad we got as far as we did and I know there's a lot more room for me and this team to grow" said team leader QB Donald Meyer.

A total of 4 players retired in 2028, including Strong Safety Don Stone, Fullback James Wilson, Right Guard Gary Judkins, and Standout Left Defensive End Ken Garcia.

Don Stone played for 4 different teams throughout his career, ending it in Dallas as a backup SS. Stone finished his career in Dallas with 20 tackles, 2 pass knockdowns and an interception while he ended his 11 year career with a total of 161 tackles, 1 sack, 23 pass knockdowns, a 35% pass completion percentage going against him, and 10 interceptions.

Longtime Dallas FB James Wilson played all 9 seasons in Dallas after being drafted in the 1st round in 2018. He ends off a successful career with 1,073 rushing yards, 12 rushing touchdowns, 365 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns. He was a front and center piece of our offense for years often performing well and contributing in many ways. His contribution to the Cowboys won't go unnoticed as he will always be remembered as Dallas's first true franchise star Fullback. "I'm thankful I got to participate on a team that believed in me, that believed in my skill set, and believed that I could contribute to one of the greatest teams in any sport on any given Sunday, thank you" said an emotional and proud Wilson, who will enjoy his retirement from MFN respectfully.

Judkins ends his career on a high note with 2 division titles under his belt with Dallas. The Right Guard from Loras college ended his career after 7 years, 6 of them with Dallas as he solidified the backup Right Guard spot and even started when necessary. Judkins end his football career with 2,824 snaps taken, two seasons of starting and playing in all 16 games (2026, 2027), 13 sacks allowed and only 9 penalties committed for 75 yards. Dallas is proud that Judkins could play out for Dallas in the trenches and we wish him nothing but the best moving forward.

Garcia will forever be known for being a huge 6th round playmaker from Las Vegas and his teeth grinding style of play. LDE Ken Garcia finally hung up the cleats after the 2028 season, making for an incredible 13 year career. Garcia started play in San Francisco after being drafted in the 6th round of the 2016 draft and instantly became a player to watch. After 4 season of play for the 49ers and a season with the Rams, Garcia made his way to Dallas, where he would star as starting LDE for the rest of his career. In total, Garcia finishes off his career with 167 tackles, 36 sacks, 10 pass knockdowns, 5 interceptions including a pick six, and 4 forced fumbles. Garcia's field of play wore down opposing lineman and often shredded offenses with his run defense and overwhelmed the QB with his pass rush. With Garcia now retired, his absence will definitely be felt on the left side.

Looking ahead to the 2029 season, Dallas made some roster moves in free agency right before the draft, acquiring 9th year receiver Curtis Weed, 11th year pro Right Guard Leo Glenn and 7th Year Left Defensive End Stephen Nichols, and 15 year veteran Kicker Jesse Willis. At the conclusion of the draft, Dallas has come away with some hope-to-be studs from the draft, including 1st round pick LDE Darrell Michaelson, 2nd round picks FS Raymond Stover, FB Andrew Schaffer, MLB LLoyd Crow, 4th round pick DT Wiley Johnson, 5th round pick WLB David Acklin, 6th round pick C Michael Swisher, and 7th round pick CB Steven Campbell.

"I always enjoy these drafts, especially the mid to late rounds because you have that small but exciting chance to find those diamond in the rough choices that could grow into eventual starters and make important impacts on your team" Stated GM Michael Kenseth who seems satisfied so far at Dallas's selections. Looking forward to the regular season, Kenseth says its "too early to tell" of what he can expect for the season as he needs to see some play time in order to jump to conclusions, but Kenseth does know that this season will be different than other seasons as the team enters 2029 with momentum and confidence.
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