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Current progress on game engine update?

By Mr.Krazy
11/03/2016 10:31 pm
Any news on what will be adjusted, fixed, and added?

A few suggestions from me include:

-Improved Offensive Line Play
*My starting RT Roscoe Lopez has allowed over 66 sacks in his career including 11 this season. I think his speed, strength, and pass blocking skills is good enough for an offensive lineman at least to stop 100 speed edge rushers that only have speed as an atrribute over 60. I have also found that Right Tackles have given up more sacks that Left Tackles recently.

-Overhaul WR/Secondary play
*I see that this was on the roadmap so I'm glad to see this is being worked on or at the very least looked at.

-RB Ball Carrier Vision attribute
*Not something that needs to be done right away, but would be nice to see RB's have an attribute that affects their vision on whether or not they find a hole to run through.

-High rated QB's with low speed/scramble should become pocket QB's and still play well
*My QB Donald Meyer is one such example of executing poor performances consistently. This is where improved O-line would work better for low speed Quarterback's in order for them to be 'Pocket passers'.

-More statistics
*Least important but would be nice to see such stats as Tackle for loss, pressures, pancakes, etc.

I have more but know that you (Jdavid) are a one man working crew. Thanks for everything that you do and let us know what your plans for the next release is if you can!

Re: Current progress on game engine update?

By lellow2011
11/04/2016 1:34 am
I think offensive line play is probably fine, the issue is more that QBs hold the ball too long. Also don't forget that offensive linemen are being generated with speed now so we have yet to fully see the effect that will have.

Re: Current progress on game engine update?

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
11/04/2016 9:09 am
A couple of points of emphasis for the next engine at this point:

* More stats
* Work more on the OL play / QB timing
* I'm reworking the engine to give me more testing access so I can more effectively determine how various attributes impact a large sample set of data. Up to now I've just been simming entire seasons and studying the results, but this update will allow me to have more fine-grained testing. The two primary tasks in this will be to find out what plays are completely ineffective and what plays are unstoppable and to better understand why that is the case and tweak the engine to get a better balance, and to run multiple sims with the only difference being a range of a single attribute for a specific position (i.e. what happens in the exact same situations over the entire range of QB accuracy? Scramble? Strength? Are all attributes as influential as the should intuitively be?)

I don't currently have any ETA on when anything will roll into the MFN-1 engine, I don't plan to make any changes before the end of the current season.

I also have an updated draft system that we'll be using here and if there are no issues it will roll into the other leagues as well. The main impact of this update should be an elimination of the rounding errors with the auto-picks where sometimes the second player in your list might be selected instead of the top because their scores are so close together.