NOTICE: This league is using the BLEEDING EDGE game engine. For more information, click here.

Bleeding Edge Game Engine Notice

MyFootballNow will automatically create new leagues as existing leagues fill up. On the bottom of each page you will see the version of the game engine being used in the league you are in. As new versions of the game engine are released, all leagues will automatically update to the newest stable engine at the conclusion of each season.

Except this one.

This is the bleeding edge beta league. What this means is that as new features are considered stable enough to introduce into the game engine, they will appear in this league for real-world testing immediately, whether that is in the middle of the offseason, in the middle of the season, or even the day before the league championship. By participating in this league, you must understand that it is possible - likely, even - that these updates could cause unexpected results for the games in this league, sometimes for extended portions of the season.

The benifit of participating in this league is that you will get to see bug fixes and additional features faster than you would in any other league. Features and fixes may appear in this league several months before the general release receives those features. The trade off, of course, is that this league will certainly experience its share of issues that may be frustrating to you as a player. Even if something goes terribly wrong, there will be no do-overs in this league.

So, please consider this before taking over a team in this league.