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2029 Training Camp

By Tecra031
9/26/2016 7:29 am
For the first time in many seasons, I am pretty pleased with TC this year. My 1st RD pick dropped (-5) future, but my 2nd gained (+4), and my 4th gained (+2), so it was pretty even. Overall, there were no surprises. A few players keep developing nicely and my older vets are starting to decline as expected.

2nd year head coach Larry Henderson said, "This year's team had a great training camp and we are looking forward to a great season. Our veterans returned in great shape from the off-season to lead the team and we are very excited about our rookies and sophomores making a big impact this year. Expectations are high in NJ every season, and this year isn't any different. We have a great squad who are eager to compete for a championship this year".

Re: 2029 Training Camp

By JCSwishMan33
9/26/2016 8:36 am
The Browns rookies were pretty lackluster at Training Camp. A lot of folks are learning new positions, and it's showing. Probably going to be another long year, but the team is young... I have confidence they'll grow into something pretty good.

Re: 2029 Training Camp

By lellow2011
9/26/2016 2:22 pm
1-01: CB-#38 Bryon Law (48/94)(+4/-1)
- Cincinnati brought Bryon aboard with the first overall pick to bring his version of the Law to the defensive backfield for them. The team felt he was a lock to be a stud player and even after a slightly less than perfect camp he has the look of a guy that's going to be a standout in the defensive backfield for this team.

2-04: MLB-#94 Michael Lee (34/83)(+6/-4)
- Cincinnati had a pressing need at the linebacker position and gave up two 2nd rounders in order to move up for the opportunity to select Michael Lee. Lee had a fairly poor camp and doesn't look to be quite the stud Cincinnati thought they were getting. He still has the look of a good coverage backer with good speed and roughly average tackling and pass rushing.

4-23: SS-#96 Edward Thomas (41/73)(+8/+5)
- Thomas has the look of a project player with great physical talent and very high potential. Thomas had a strong camp after converting from the LB position to the SS position increasing his ability in coverage, punishing receivers and tackling. Thomas still has a long way to go but the feeling in Cincinnati is that he could end up being a star caliber DB after a couple seasons of development.
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Re: 2029 Training Camp

By Beercloud
9/26/2016 3:28 pm

I took some chances on volatility this draft to see how it would work out. Not so much this go around. Most everyone did stay within a couple of points +/- though.

Except for rookie FB Ebert who dropped -17 in futures to a 27/49 rating. That's what I get, for playing with that 100 vol fire. Half tempted to send the poor kid home to save him the misery. But then again, maybe he'll like a few hits in pre-season.

Re: 2029 Training Camp

By JCSwishMan33
9/26/2016 4:23 pm
(Thanks to lellow2011 for the easy 'template'. Heh)

1-8: WLB - #99 Richard Gray - 68/99 (8/0)
- Cleveland was looking for a stud to anchor the defensive line, and they found it in Gray. Trim, but deceptively strong, Gray looks to be a force on the weak side for years to come. Training Camp was kind to him, and the coaches predict he'll win the starting nod come the regular season.

2-23: TE - #86 Louis Rock - 47/77 (5/-8)
- Rock came into Camp with high hopes, but lost substantial practice time after taking a cleat to the hand. Though the injury looked gruesome, there was no permanent damage. As a bonus, he looks to be good to go for the preseason. Here's hoping, because he'll have to show in those 4 games that he can pick up this offense and be the dual-threat TE he was touted as.

2-26: RB - #30 James Ferrell - 48/76 (4/-3)
- Ferrell was slated to be the heir-apparent for Jeffrey Nelson, as he enters his 14th season. However, Ferrell was lackluster and slowed midway through Camp by a sore hamstring. He has obvious talent that will translate to the pros, but the coaches are concerned they may have a 'glass cannon' on their hands.

3-30: MLB - #98 Donald Tran - 45/70 (5/-4)
- What was hoped to be another solid pickup to shore up the D-Line has turned into a bit of a head-scratcher for the Browns. Tran was noted for his versatility on the defensive side in his JUCO career. Now that he's been plugged into a steady spot, however, the coaches have found his positional work flawed. They have confidence in Tran's tools, and will continue to work him hard.

5-7: SLB - #90 John Bryan - 32/54 (5/-4)

- The highest-drafted of the coaching staff's "rookie experiments" this season, Bryan was on the boards as a corner. However, the Browns are trying to shift him into an undercover strong-side lineman... And they might be outsmarting themselves. Bryan was comfortable with the change (he'd played 15 games on the D-Line at Weber State), but was overmatched early on against pro-style talent. Time will tell how this goes.

5-11: CB - #21 Robert Cook - 44/68 (4/2)
- One of very few true "bright spots" in Camp, Cook took to a pro-style secondary easily, showing equal prowess in both man and zone coverage. It didn't hurt that Cook sought out the advice and mentoring of fellow safeties Winston Stevenson and Thomas Womack, talking about them as inspirations in both his high school and collegiate careers. While he might not have the physical tools and makeup of his idols, his mental map of the game is boundless.

5-14: RG - #81 Scott Walker - 31/55 (1/0)
- Another rookie that's shifted positions, Walker came in as a solid Big Ten wideout... Behind a good lineup of already established wideouts. Early in Camp, he realized he probably wouldn't get much of a chance in the passing game, and asked coaches if he could settle in on the right side of the O-Line. He has some experience there, having played a year in the trenches at high school. He's definitely rusty in his blocking, but he showed coaches enough to keep him in the spot.

6-6: RB - #61 Albert Fields - 34/59 (7/4)
- The huge surprise of Browns Camp was Albert Fields. Another rookie asked to make a positional adjustment, Fields wow'ed coaches with the ease he shifted from receiver to runner. Fields attributed his hard work to the honesty of the coaching staff, and went so far as to thank them for giving him the truth of his chances to break into the receiving corps. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he'll still have opportunities to catch the ball out of the backfield.

6-13: LT - #59 Donald Ramirez - 38/61 (0/0)
- A late-round position shift project, Ramirez was asked to make the transition from tight end to offensive lineman. He has the very basic fundamentals of blocking, but will need a lot of time and practice to come into his own on the line. His work ethic and intangibles are clear, however, and the coaching staff will give him ample opportunities to prove himself.

7-8: DT - Frank Duran
- Duran was released prior to the start of Training Camp

7-15: LG - #10 Dennis Woods - 37/55 (1/-1)
- By far the roughest project out of this year's Draft, Woods is making a massive change from QB to the line he played behind for so long. Coaches lauded his strength and mental toughness as reasons behind the transition, plus the fact that the team brought on 2 new quarterbacks in the off-season. Woods is for sure a fringe player to remain on the team, but could potentially make a name for himself if he's so inclined.

Re: 2029 Training Camp

By raymattison21
9/26/2016 6:45 pm
#16 John Park WR 1st rd

Projected as a B plus weapon. Solid pick. (-4) (-28)

#22 Charles Lopez CB 3rd rd

Good camp. C grade. Might project better at FS closer to a B player, but will need better camps in the future. (Plus 5)(30)

#24 John Williams CB. 2nd rd

First bust of the draft. Projected ok, but D grade coverskills will limit his playing time anywhere. Grade D plus.(-14)(-84)

#7 Michael Loggins QB 6th rd

Loved this guy coming into camp, but will need to make room if we want to keep this D rated propect with C minus potential.(plus 11)(22)

#28 Jess Brown CB 4th Rd

Second bust is now on the bubble. Grade D minus.(-11)(-33)

#84 Casey Omalley WR 7th rd

Grade D. (Plus 13)(13)

#55 Edward Wakefield MLB 5th rd

At 200lbs he projects as a grade F safety. I was hoping for a LB but with his camp in seven to ten years from now he might project better as a C grade runstoping d lineman . (plus 4 DB)(12)

A minus 71 total. Hmmmm...... I felt i have had much better drafts than this one.

Re: 2029 Training Camp

By setherick
9/27/2016 12:35 am
The one nice surprise I had was from Matthew Howard who went +6 in camp. For a team that desperately needed secondary players, I was thrilled. The problem was most of my OL selections busted. So my Detroit team is still going to be as bad as the real one.

Re: 2029 Training Camp

By trslick
9/27/2016 8:40 am
I thought we did very good, RB +4/0,LG +4/2,MLB +3/1,FS +3/0,C -1,CB -4 the guy we saw
as #1 CB +10/4

Re: 2029 Training Camp - Green Bay

By WarEagle
9/27/2016 8:03 pm
Pretty lackluster training camp for me. A little disappointing as usual, to be honest.

1.19 G B Himes +0
1.32 G D Munoz +1
3.25 LB K Brumley -7
3.32 LB M Block -5
4.32 RB R Litchfield +0
5.32 G F Bolton -2
6.32 G L Steele -1
7.32 FS Garcia +1

Re: 2029 Training Camp

By setherick
9/28/2016 7:02 am
Finally sat down and wrote out all of my rookies in camp. I'm extremely disappointed in my back end of the draft and my UDFA selections. I can usually fill out a roster better.

1.14 - C Jose Lynch +7/-3
2.13 - RB Kenneth Hewitt +3/+1
3.1 - DE Gary Bailey +8/+2
3.12 - T Stephen McNeil +10/-7 (52 vol)
3.15 - G Brian Chandler +5/0
3.16 - S Loren Baez +5/+2
4.1 - DE Paul Alexander +2/-3
4.14 - S Matthew Howard +3/+6
4.30 - QB John Schaub +6/+2 (thought about taking him in round 3 so ecstatic for this pick)
5.13 - TE Alberto McCoy +6/0
5.27 - WR/TE Roy Butler +2/0
5.30 - CB Douglas Konrad +5/-11 (vol 96 - was still worth the gamble. imagine if that 11 had been +11 instead of -11)
6.15 - WR David Joseph 0/0
6.26 - DT Gerald Lucas +7/-1
7.14 - CB Gordon Johnson +5/-5
7.27 - T Rodney Cunningham +5/-5
UDFA - RB John Smith +4/0
UDFA - TE Ryan Fischer +2/+3