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Week 9 Discussion

By ZootMurph
9/30/2013 8:24 am
Philly had an interesting game against Cleveland. We're up by 10 going into the 4th quarter, and with 3 and a half minutes left, we punt the ball and I get to see my first punt return TD... of course, it's against us and it ties the game. We are lucky to win in OT.

Re: Week 9 Discussion

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
9/30/2013 8:29 am
We were completely shredded by Chicago. The game was nowhere near as close as the score was. GG, lordscarlet.

Re: Week 9 Discussion

By nero
9/30/2013 8:42 am
We finally get out long sought after shutout against Tampa Bay. We've now only surrendered 27 points over our last 5 game, a remarkable 5.4 average given up over that span.

During that same stretch we've scored 129 for a 25.8 average.

GG Tampa

Re: Week 9 Discussion

By Tecra031
9/30/2013 9:14 am
NJY started the game strong in the 1st half, but couldnt do anything in the 2nd half offensively. We managed to keep them from a late comeback however thanks to some good defense and a good ground game managing the clock, it was our RBs best game of the season. Our torrid streak of INTs continued in the passing game, even with our starter benched and backup in this game.


Re: Week 9 Discussion

By Groo
10/01/2013 9:10 am
This week I tried an old friend as far as offensive gameplanning... the Play Action offense, I like to call it. Basically, you run the **** out of the ball, then play action and throw it long.

I found 2 issues with this... The first is that there are not enough long passes that are play action. Play action brings the safeties and linebackers forward, to try to stop the run. If you are running excessively, this should be more effective. Anyway, after looking through the plays, there seem to be more short play action passes than medium or long, which is contradictory, in my opinion, to the whole idea of play action. JDB, I'd like to see more medium and long play action passes, so I can revisit this strategy. The other issue is that long passes are really iffy. We were 3 for 19 or something like that. It's too hard to throw the ball deep successfully for this to work. I may try, later, with mostly medium passing... I don't mind it being difficult to throw long... it should be. But I would like to see more play action for medium and long passing.

GG nero. How we made the Super Bowl last year, I'll never know. We ****. I wish I had looked over the team before taking them, but Zoot talked me into it by telling me they were in the Super Bowl last season.. **** you Zoot!