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Week 12 Discussion

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
10/07/2013 5:51 am
Our losing streak is extended to 4 games in another close one, although again it should not have been as close as it was. KC completely controlled the LOS on both sides of the ball, and somehow we manage to hold them to field goals and make a game of it. But we can't stop them from getting the go-ahead field goal and then can't get a drive to go into FG range in the 2-minute drill.

GG, oukjweather.

Re: Week 12 Discussion

By oukjweather
10/07/2013 7:28 am
Another close game that we manage to sneak out with the win. Not being able to finish drives, having to settle for field goals, and missed field goals made this game closer than I would have liked. We gave up a touchdown drive late to make a game of it. Thankfully after that when it mattered the most we got defensive stops and managed to score enough field goals to get the win.

GG, jdavidbakr

Re: Week 12 Discussion

By ZootMurph
10/07/2013 10:19 am
Good game against Dallas. We pull out an overtime victory...

Our running game was good, but our passing game was absolutely terrible. We'll really need to get better when the postseason gets here if we want to go anywhere.