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Week 5

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
12/03/2013 7:35 am
GG, Phinsfan,

The difference in this game was FG's vs TD's - we had a couple of good goal line stands - and turnovers. Your QB is going to wreak havoc in the division in a few seasons.

Re: Week 5

By Firefly
12/03/2013 1:54 pm
GG JC, things went our way in a big way today. Funny, your offense seemed to step it up in the 4th, maybe you should do more of what your team did then

Re: Week 5

By JCSwishMan33
12/04/2013 8:42 am
GG indeed!

Yeah, I noticed a quick little offensive burst from my guys around the end of the 3rd quarter. I was shocked. That game had almost as much offense as they had the first 4 combined. Yeesh.

My defense can't seem to solve you guys, though. That annoys me. ;)