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Week 6

By Tecra031
12/07/2013 12:46 pm
After a lot of premature celebration to a 3-0 start, NJY has fallen back to mediocrity. A 3 game losing streak has put them at 3-3 and now wondering if they can salvage a playoff team out of this mess.

Re: Week 6

By Davesgang
12/07/2013 9:40 pm

Was hoping it would be another competitive game but the bolts couldn't stop anything this time.

Re: Week 6

By Firefly
12/07/2013 9:57 pm
We're off to a hot start, only complaint is defense keeps suffering 4th quarter meltdowns. Today it wasn't so bad, but still our worst quarter by far

Re: Week 6

By JCSwishMan33
12/08/2013 1:31 pm
Well, Cleveland finally found some offense, and won their second of the year. Not to say that it wasn't ugly, but the words "just enough" work some wonders sometimes. Heh.

Still have some mysteries to figure out with my O-Line's ability to pass block, but... That'll come with time, I suppose.

Re: Week 6

By oukjweather
12/09/2013 8:48 am
GG Davesgang

I think the difference between our first meeting and this time was that my defense came to play today. Hope you do better in the rest of divisional and conference play.

KC having an amazing start to the season this year sitting at 6 - 0. Offense is playing well but I think the strength of this team is the defense.