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Conference game

By Firefly
3/24/2014 9:41 am
In yet another classic game between these two teams, the visiting Steelers once again manage to get the upper hand over their old nemesis, the Miami Dolphins. The Steelers built a very comfy 23-7 lead at the half, and when after a FG-rich 3rd quarter ended with PItt still up by 13, visiting fans were ecstatic.

Then, in a crazy 4th quarter, everything went to **** for the Steelers. Two consecutive interceptions were answered by TDs to give Miami a one-point lead. The teams then traded TDs with missed two-point conversions to set up a very controversial ending that is sure to be much discussed.

With 2:10 left (even though the box says 2:56) and down by a single point, the Steelers started driving. Things were looking great after a Calvillo 12-yeard completion to RB Jeff Koon gave Pitt a first down at the Miami 42 with 1:42 left and one TO. Just keep the drive alive, eat up clock and kick the game-winner, dude!

Instead, in the worst kind of NFL-style, the coaches decided to play for the long FG. Two runs and a spike -a spike, for crying out loud!- where good enough for them, and even though Cervantes nailed the 56-yarder, with nearly one full minute left for Miami the feeling among visiting fans was one of doom and gloom. Boos for the coaching staff were heard in the stands.

The Dolphins made it to the Pitt 43 with 19 seconds left and no TOs. Now, the Miami kicker was 20/21 in 40+ kicks for the year, but his long was only 59 -a fact which tells me that's the limit set to him by the coaching staff, not his real distance. From the 43 the kick would have been 60. So it's possible a settings mistake could have cost the Dolphins the game, as kicks from any distance have a high percentage of going through.

Anyway, there was no kick. Yet, 19 seconds seemed long enough to run another play before the kick. After a short completion, however, Miami was unable to get to the line and spike the ball in time! Game over. Steelers win!

And so, we're in the Super Bowl again! Wooohooo!