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Week 6 discussion

By Firefly
5/08/2014 10:42 am
GG chinaski

A very exciting game that went down to the wire. There were several memorable moments:

- The goal-line stand where the Steelers defense stiffened and held... only for a ref mistake to give them a fresh set of downs. And then, on the second 3rd and goal, a Merritt interception held the Seahawks scoreless.

- Cundiff's amazing punt return where he gains the sideline and with the punter right in front of him, cuts back inside at a sharp angle, and later corrects to head straight for the endzone.

- The sequence where the Seahawks fumbled in the goal-line down fourteen, apparently sealing the deal. Two plays later the same Seahawks scored a TD to pull within 7, after Calvillo gave them the ball right back.