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Training Camp Winners & Losers

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
2/11/2015 8:02 am
My biggest winner was 3rd round pick SS Denny Smith - jumped 7 future points to 72. Looks like my first round pick DE Rubin Jones is not going to be a bust, he rose 3 future points to get to 80. That'd be more impressive except we seem to have a plethora of DL in this league; I needed youth at the position, though, so it's nice to see he will likely be a long term keeper.

Didn't really have any rookies take a drop in camp - which is a nice change from years past. Worst drop was 3rd round T Daniel Studdard but he only dropped one point.

My young QB Jerrod Clark, who right now is the QB of the future, is holding steady at 69 future.

Biggest drops on the team were some older vets, but none more than 4 future points. Drafted this year with an eye more toward replacing these older vets with some youth and the biggest drops do have corresponding success in the rookie class, so it looks good so far!

How'd your camp go?

Re: Training Camp Winners & Losers

By oukjweather
2/11/2015 9:49 am
My biggest gain was to my first round pick WR with a future gain of +3. A nice change from what my previous first round picks have done. Unfortunately the good news ended there, with most of my other players holding steady or loosing in future rating. I had two players from the draft go -3 and -4 respectively. My team is starting to age which is likely contributing to all the negative results in the future ratings. May take a few good drafts to turn this team around.

Re: Training Camp Winners & Losers

By Mr.Krazy
2/11/2015 8:39 pm
Here's the report from the Dallas Training camp.
Our first round pick, RT Roscoe Lopez, was well taken and had an excellent training camp moving 3 points up for his future and overall went up 11 points. We needed some help at Right Tackle and Roscoe is the one that could save us at this position.

2nd rounder Left Guard Phillip Baker from Alabama St. went up 4 points for his future rating indicating he is a valuable player at this position. His switch from RG to LG should not effect his performance.

3rd round QB Clarence Pettit showed signs of a great quarterback improving 5 points in overall. he will serve greatly as a backup QB. 4th round pick from WA. State WLB Paul Lopez took a 3 point jump in his future overall as he will serve greatly in the upcoming season at this position.

5th round pick is Thomas Varner is looked pretty good, might keep him as a potential back-up. 6th round pick from Oklahoma is WR Samuel Washington showing great potential, especially at 6th round, as he may turn into a playmaker if we play our cards right with him. 7th round picks include C Martin Thompson and SS John Barbour who had alright Training camps, but who are on the bubble for being cut.

Overall I think this was a pretty good Training Camp, especially for my first season in mfn-1 so we'll see where this goes

Re: Training Camp Winners & Losers

By martinwarnett
2/16/2015 2:56 pm
Only six picks due to a trade.

1.3 - Michels, WR - +12/+2 - should be a mainstay of the squad.
3.4 - Wilkins, RT - +7/+1 - should be solid O lineman
4.3 - Cooper, RB - +5/+2 - solid depth, needs improvement in the future.
5.5 - Love, CB - +3/-9 - ouch. will probably not survive next season.
6.4 - Gilbert, SS - +6/-11 - mega ouch. may not survive this season.
7.3 - Brown, SLB - +3/-1 - ST player, doesn't look like will be long term replacement for starter in that position.

I'd probably grade it a D at best. Picking that early in the draft, you'd not expect a mega bust. Two, possibly a third for depth and two to be gone.

Re: Training Camp Winners & Losers

By WarEagle
2/16/2015 4:32 pm
1.17 DT C Holmes 11/5
2.9 FB H Graham 4/1
2.16 C M Alexander 0/-2
3.19 RT R Duffy 4/-2
5.17 P J Hurlbert 4/-6

Good start for my #1, disappointing for the rest.