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Re: <'''> Season 2022 <'''>

By JCSwishMan33
4/11/2015 11:33 am
Gustoon wrote:
jdavidbakr wrote:
Gustoon wrote:
JCSwishMan33 wrote:
Now that I can focus more on this League, Cleveland's hoping to spend some money in Free Agency, shore up some positions, and draft well.

Much different from their real-life counterpart.

I have your new franchise QB for your #1 pick ;)....Matty Football

If you do that, I'm changing every one of my draft picks name to 'Football', ha ha that might make scouting tricky ;)

It's too bad "Football" isn't in the last name database, although I might be willing to make an exception :-)

No team is complete without a Mr Football on their team ;)

Oh har-dee-har-har. Heh. :)

Honestly, my first pick isn't until the... Third, fourth round this season... Not worthy of a Mister Football. ;)

Re: <'''> Season 2022 <'''>

By martinwarnett
4/11/2015 1:07 pm
Clear rebuild needed.

Aging D line, not much LB depth if any. Secondary always needs work.

FA generally poor, not convinced as yet on the draft class so guessing it'll be an 8-8 at best season.