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Training Camp Winners and Losers

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
4/25/2015 8:59 am
Mixed bag in the Denver camp - first round pick QB Brandon Griese showed a slight improvement in potential, indicating he may be our QB of the future - at the very least, he didn't bust in his first camp, so we are pleased to see that. Second round LB pick Sidney Fletcher dropped 3 future points which was a disappointment. Our next pick wasn't until the 4th round but we have gotten a steal with SS Stuart Foley, showing an 8-point future jump. Our 2nd 4th round pick LT Sterling Humphries wasn't terribly impressive to start and didn't show much change in camp. RB Stanley Sewell from the 5th round lost 1 future point, not what you want to see when they start out as low as he did. Both of our 7th rounders dropped significantly - 7.14 SLB Herbert Fierro dropped 3 and WR Ian Moore dropped a whopping SEVEN points.

How'd your camps all go?

Re: Training Camp Winners and Losers

By jsid
4/25/2015 10:46 am
I feel like I saw more regression than anything positive, but maybe I just have tunnel vision. My starters held about consistent, rookies were just a mild disappointment. Nothing game changing either way for me.

Re: Training Camp Winners and Losers

By Morbid
4/25/2015 11:45 am
Total loser on this one, worst training camp i have ever had in any league even with the rookies. The vets I expected some drop offs but my draft was really bad.

Re: Training Camp Winners and Losers

By Gustoon
4/25/2015 11:52 am
My vets I think on balance lost out a bit, ageing team maybe.
The rookies I drafted and didn't cut have done well, so overall I'm fairly happy there.
I need to get younger in a hurry so am not expecting anything this year, that said I didn't think we would win our Div last season either...

Re: Training Camp Winners and Losers

By Mr.Krazy
4/25/2015 8:52 pm
My training camp was less than impressive as most of my rookies and players went down in future potential. My 1st round draft pick went Shaffer went down in potential which disappointed me as my QB need was high for this draft. CB Peterson also went down which disappointed me more because he looked like a great backup corner. What made up for the first two was my guard dudley who went up 13, that's right 13 points in current and 3 in potential. Wlb Harris went down 1 and wr lyons but turner went up in potential.

All in all I hope our season won't be reflect what our training camp produced

Re: Training Camp Winners and Losers

By Thor
4/25/2015 9:00 pm
Training camp was bad for me as usual. Every draft pick went down in potential.

That really stinks because I needed some help from these young guys, as my team is aging.

Those supposedly improved draft classes can't get here quick enough for me.

Re: Training Camp Winners and Losers

By martinwarnett
4/26/2015 4:04 am
O line a mixed bag; 3rd rounder declining, should be a low-mid 50 player, so destined for backup duties at best. 2nd round OT on the other hand, the gap between cur/max has remained constant with both improving - so could be a very good pick.

5th round DT could well be a gem - projects to be a 70-80 player. 1st round DE should be mid/high 80s. 3rd round LB should develop into mid 70s; 5th rounder bottoming out. 3rd and 6th round CB will always be backups / cut at best. Same for 6th round SS. 4th round FS should develop nicely, around the 70s.

Granted it's all based upon player progression continuing at the same rates, so... quick assessment is the draft has improved my DL, got a quality Olineman; good LB and FS. Secondary has generally been a poor draft for me.

Re: Training Camp Winners and Losers

By Cork55
4/27/2015 12:40 pm
Had a so so camp.

1. Oliver Stallcup-RDE +9, +2 (49, 81)
2. George Henry-WR +4, -3 (37, 70)
3. Walter Wright-MLB +4, +2 (33, 65)
4. Jeff Bremmer-WR +7, -1 (35, 62)
5. Andrew Roy-FB +4, 0 (30, 55)
6. Alan Scott-C 0, 0 28, 47)
7. John Pearson-QB +2, -2 (27, 45)

Re: Training Camp Winners and Losers

By Davesgang
4/28/2015 1:28 am
Had a decent camp.
First round safety went up 4 and the second round wr went up two. They both will end up as solid starters.

Almost all the lower picks lost a lot or little. they'll be lucky to make it as backups.

Re: Training Camp Winners and Losers

By JCSwishMan33
4/28/2015 8:25 am
Cleveland didn't have many picks in this Draft (4 total), but most made the team going into Training Camp. 4th Round pick Robert James (SLB, Missouri St.) didn't fit into the future plans of the team, and was granted his release. He was subsequently picked up by Buffalo.

The 3 that did make it into Training Camp are as follows:

3rd Round pick, SLB Ricardo Grantham (Jackson St., 27/70), jumped a modest 7 points in Current, so I feel he'll adjust to the speed of the NFL game quickly, and be a solid performer for years to come.

The surprise (thusfar) is 6th Rounder Lawrence Ware, TE out of Purdue. He came out as a 31/52 in the Draft, but pulled a +3/+2 after Camp. Doesn't seem impressive. But as my current 3rd year TE Carl Viver is a 59/63 in my system, Ware projects to quickly become a more than viable second-stringer, and gives me a few more years of solid performance at the position.

7th Rounder Eric Adams (QB, Minnesota) came into Camp as a 29/51, and pulled a +1/-2. There's an outside chance he may benefit from a position change to a possession-style RB, but it's unlikely and he may become available when rosters are trimmed.