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Week 14 - Maids a-courting

By Gustoon
6/06/2015 3:12 am
GG Indy, after you got that 2 score lead we never fully recovered. Your play highlighted some glaring holes in my O and D.
Best of luck in the run in.

Re: Week 14 - Maids a-courting

By Sardean
6/06/2015 5:13 am
GG Cincinnati, It was a defensive war from start to finish. You kept me to the second fewest points scored all season, unlucky not to win i'd say.

You play much better than your record shows.

Do me a favour and beat New York next week :D
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Re: Week 14 - Maids a-courting

By Mr.Krazy
6/06/2015 6:45 pm
GG Philadelphia

your defense got to Shaffer and picked him off 3 times, while my corner Snyder missed two crucial tackles to give you two touchdowns. Your WR (Cant remember his last name since it was to long lol) was on fire, I believe he got about 200 yards on us. Wilcox was a great QB to choose from the last draft, and it definitely shows how good he is in this game. Good luck in the playoffs.