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Trade Issues

By oukjweather
8/26/2013 9:43 pm
I tried to initiate a trade, however it kept telling me the trade was unbalanced, even though the bar showed it was balanced. The red line was nearly centered over the green part of the bar. Admittedly to get the red line to center, I had to make the trade really favorable to the other team in order to get it to balance. I tried to submit the trade with what I thought should be balanced, and it wouldn't accept that either.

Re: Trade Issues

By ZootMurph
8/26/2013 10:33 pm
Try to offer the trade as you like it and see if it goes through, even if it is unbalanced.

Re: Trade Issues

By oukjweather
8/26/2013 10:39 pm
I tried that as well, and it came back that it was unbalanced. I was trading 2 players for a future draft pick. I varied what draft pick I wanted, and it still would not take it.