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After season thoughts

By Wolfpack
6/24/2015 7:15 am
I wanted to put out some comments for the season.

-Break Tackle….Offense is overpowered. Ever since the adjustments to the break tackle equation, this has gotten out of hand. My RB went from 4.2 YPC to 5.8YPC in three seasons, running the exact same offense, behind the exact same OL. The only change was the game engine. The break tackle equation was a band aid for a poor running game three seasons ago and needs adjusted back down.
-Pass rush….this is also nerfed from a few seasons ago. My sack total is way down with the same DL and the same base defense. The OL holds their blocks way too long and this is letting average QB look like all pro. I'd adjust the time the OL can hold their blocks and this will also help on ST.
-Salary Cap…no one talks about this but the salary cap has never worked here. I didn't much care as the game engine was getting adjusted but its time to address the fact the salary cap and contract engine dose not really do much. I've had over 30M+ in cap room each season and can do what ever i want. I have a top 10 QB who makes 3M/year? and a top 3 WR who makes 3M/year? these numbers should be way higher and teams should struggle to get under the cap. Look at this year's FA signings…teams are throwing money at old Vets because they can w/o any worry about a cap hit later on.
-3-4 defense…this still needs fleshed out with better plays. The base 3-4 runs a 3 man rush not a 4 man as it should.

Re: After season thoughts

By Tecra031
6/24/2015 3:46 pm
+1 on the pass rush and break tackle....I should have had a pro-bowl defensive line based on ratings for the last 3-4 seasons, but can barely manage 1 sack per game. QBs break tackles from 98 rated tackle DTs and DEs
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Re: After season thoughts

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
6/24/2015 7:07 pm
The passing game is a point of emphasis for the upcoming season - in fact I've already pushed some updates to the beta engine that improves the DL's effect on the QB. I'm very interested to see how it goes and hear feedback.

I also have some updates in that _should_ reduce the tackle breaking issue. Again, looking forward to seeing how that all plays out.

Re: After season thoughts

By Gustoon
6/26/2015 12:14 am
On the passing game....(kind of)
I'd love to see what I think is a glitch resolved. I see so many INTs get overturned as their is pass-interference. If it isn't a glitch, maybe wind it down a little as it just seems a wee bit excessive.

Re: After season thoughts

By Morbid
6/26/2015 9:55 am
As far as the break tackles and what happened in Gus situation, the increase also could be that your HB and O-line even tho its the same improved in those area's. Its not so much the break tackles need to be tweaked down its when and where they are happening, rarely do you see a HB break a tackle on an outside run or in a key short and inches. I do think however some inside runs the HB shouldnt be breaking as many like when he is being tackled by multiple defenders. Its a tough thing to correct honestly. The penetration by the D-line on the short yardage is to high IMO. HB's break tackles, however the amount of broken tackles by WR's is way over the top especially when being tackled from behind. Even mediocre WR's turn into Megatron at times.