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Re: Dallas Trading Block

By Mr.Krazy
6/22/2015 4:18 am
Here is the official trading block for the 2023 Dallas offseason. Other trade offers will be looked at and considered...

RB Roy Reyes 82/82 A 9 year vet. out of Arkansas State who was our starter the past couple of years, and had his best season of his career last year with a 5 yard avg.

QB Dennis Knapp 72/72 Also a 9 year vet. from Northwestern (L.A.), Knapp was our starting QB for the whole 2021 season and played half of last year. He may still have something left in him if he gets a team with good receiving corps.

RDE Michael Adams 80/80 Going on 12 years from Washington State, Adams lead our team in sacks last year with 11 sacks. In fact, the last 2 seasons he has had 11 sacks, so he is still a daunting opponent.

DT Jim Balzer 38/57 Entering his 2nd year in the game from Georgia Tech, Balzer still has potential, and could quite possibly become a valiant player.
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