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Several Talents Up For Trade!

By JCSwishMan33
5/11/2016 7:39 am
Looking to move some players that didn't fit the Cleveland scheme. Looking for a restock of picks over the next 2 years.

They're all listed on the Trading Block, but a few notables:

Former 1st round WR Matthew Deck:
- Eugene Kirby and Ken Schaefer were the primary 1-2 punch for Cleveland this preseason, and Deck just wasn't utilized. Young with upside to reach, easily a #1 or #2 option.

Rookie RB Ronald Williams:
- Was hurt early in the preseason, but showed great promise before that. Brilliant, disciplined burner with tremendous upside in the right scheme. If you have room to stash him in your lineup, he may give you that post-season push when your other RBs are starting to flag.

9-year TE Jack Barbour:
- Solid all-around talent, but was another victim of the depth chart ahead of him. Useful in short yardage, drive-sustaining situations, and has plus value in a blocking role.