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Re: Coleman: "Everyone has something to prove"

By JCSwishMan33
11/13/2013 4:40 pm
BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland finally has an answer to the coaching question, and it's one that's put everyone on-staff on "high alert".

Addressing the media at a press conference leading up to training camp, team owner Jeff Coleman dropped a relative bombshell as he stated that "everyone has something to prove" during the camp, and that no one would be immune to change if it was needed.

"While I have full confidence in the current staff and regime," Coleman stated, "we need to put the best possible team out on the field for our fans, the ones paying our paychecks."

"Not only do they deserve max effort from the coaches and the players, they deserve max effort from me as the driving force behind the team. And I intend on giving them that."

Coleman came onto staff not long ago, and it is becoming apparent that he was hands-on out of the gate. Recent signings such as free safeties Robert Riley and Clarence Brown, tight end Jose Haley, and wideouts Albert Aguilar and Jorge Hernandez are experienced players that have a chance to start immediately out of camp. Rookie fullback Tom Butler from UCLA and tight end Thomas Finlayson from Western Carolina were late-round draft picks under Coleman's guiding hand, and are raw with potential upside.

The big impact may yet be seen, however, as Coleman's presser put the coaching staff fully on notice for the foreseeable future. Several coaches, including head coach Alvin Guzman, offensive coordinator Francis Kane, and defensive coordinator Jim Jones are in the final year of their contracts. Any early issues could have them facing the music and finding the exit quickly under this new ownership. None of the coaches were available to the press after the announcement, but as an anonymous source reported: "This press silence was instituted by the coaches themselves, not ownership". The same source told us that Coleman informed the staff of his actions well prior to the presser, stating that the announcement itself "was purely for transparency to the fans".

We will have more news from the sidelines and offices in Berea as it becomes available.
Last edited at 11/13/2013 4:41 pm