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Re: Training Camp Report shows good things to come

By Mr.Krazy
2/11/2015 9:04 pm
Dallas, Tex-- Training Camp is now over and Dallas Owner Michael Kenseth likes the potential he see from rookie and veteran players. "These players really showed us what they've got and im thoroughly impressed with some players" said Kenseth. "It will definitely be a hard decision to make of who to cut down for the 53 man roster. Roscoe Lopez looked really good out there making some great blocks, and WR Samuel Washington made some good catches out there too. Remember, this is my first season as a owner, but im excited to see how all these players will perform throughout the season". The owner also noted that he shouldn't get his hopes up too much, and just focus on the upcoming preseason.

Now, it is time for the coaches to start strategizing, and for the players to begin preparing for the pre-season with all 60 players fighting for a position on the 53 man regular season roster. 20 players have already been selected to make the 53 man roster including QB Dennis Knapps, CB John Liebs, and MLB Rob Clayton. "I am not looking for the players who are necessarily the strongest or fastest, but the players who have the most will for the game." Dallas now prepares for their first preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens
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