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Mid-Season Report: "Just keep our heads high"

By Mr.Krazy
3/11/2015 7:52 pm
Dallas, TX- It has been quite a season for the Cowboys new owner Micheal Kenseth, who said his first year as a general manager has been fulfilled with objectives that have succeeded and objectives that still need to be overcome. "Its definitely different from my tight end days, this season has been quite a battle so far" explained Kenseth. "Our season started out strong but RB Roy Reyes injury definitely took a hit on our team. He can play, but wont be 100% for a couple of weeks. Barry Coleman is an outstanding WR on our team, and he has already proven to me that he is a player to keep for years to come." Then the Dallas times asked Kenseth about the current record.

"I will say that our record is moderate so far. We started out strong but after Reyes injury, we have failed to apply pressure on the other team. We're already in mid season and not far away from the leader in our division, so we should just keep our heads high, have some hustle and awareness in our games, and get out of our losing streak, and then we'll be back to where we were at the start of the season." Micheal Kenseth also addressed that win or lose, he is proud of his team, and how they have performed this year.

Will Dallas get out of their losing slump? is Dennis Knapps still a worthy quarterback for the Cowboys? These questions will be answered in the next few weeks...

Re: Mid-Season Report: "Just keep our heads high"

By WarEagle
3/11/2015 8:54 pm
Nice article.

Re: Mid-Season Report: "Just keep our heads high"

By Mr.Krazy
3/11/2015 9:47 pm
WarEagle wrote:
Nice article.

Thank you. Also, I encourage anyone playing MFN to create their own articles about their teams. I just think it adds some creativity and realism, and honestly I think these articles are interesting to read whenever you have free time :)