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2024 season best for Dallas Franchise in MFN-1

By Mr.Krazy
11/17/2015 1:17 am
Dallas, TX- Okay, before we get to the review of the 2024 season for Dallas and what to expect in the 2025 season, here is the short retirement list for Dallas after the 2024 season ended:

DT Matthew Smith, got drafted out of Pittsburgh in the allocation draft in the 23 round by the Chicago Bears, stayed for 2 years while quickly improving before moving to St. Louis for 6 years, and spent his last 4 at Dallas, making for a 12 year career, and a pretty successful one. His most successful year was his 3rd with St. Louis, racking up 100 tackles, 4 sacks and a pass knockdown. Over his career, he came up with 523 tackles, 33 sacks, 11 knockdowns, and two interceptions as a DT. Even though he was never a true starting DT for a long period of time, he brought more strength to this Dallas team, as well as St. Louis and Chicago and contributed when it mattered most and he ended his career helping Dallas secure its 1st Division title.

WLB Tony Jones who, although was with Dallas for only this season, held a pretty successful career as a Weak side Linebacker. The 4th round pick from the 2015 draft by Indianapolis gathered 245 tackles, 10 sacks, 32 pass knockdowns, and 5 interceptions in a decade of football play. He helped contribute to the style of play Dallas does and is recognized on the roster that helped bring Dallas its 1st division championship.

With the 2024 season coming to a close, Dallas has made history after 12 years of the franchise in MFN-1 by securing the leading record in the NFC East, 11-5, beating out Philadelphia to capture its first ever NFC East division championship ever in the Dallas Franchise. It also marked the 1st time in franchise history that Dallas won the wild card game and advanced to the quarterfinals, losing to the Cardinals. Dallas owner Micheal Kenseth was more than pleased with his team's progress over the past couple of years.

"Really, I'm not the one who turned this team, this franchise, this ever growing legacy around, its each and every one of those players out there, the coaching staff, the trainers, heck even the water boy helped us win our 1st division championship!" Said a estatic Kenseth, who since his arrival, has a record as an owner of 47-27.

"I can't even begin on who played the best this year, Joshua Harris is one example I can think of, the now 3 year pro contributed so much to the team, getting tackles and sacks in crucial moments and its a bit of an understatement to say he is clutch. Shaffer is another guy who has shut out all the doubters, overcome all the odds, and has found his way to the playoffs twice! And we didn't even expect him to start this season after acquiring Nicholas Bolin in a trade."

Bolin was traded to Dallas, expected to become Dallas's starting QB but ended up underperforming in preseason and the 1st game. "Bolin had a couple chances, but just didn't fit in with our offensive style. We'll give him another chance this upcoming season before exploring other options at QB."

The upcoming 2025 season brings even more hope for Dallas to further progress into the playoffs, and start building on a consecutive winning season streak, with 2023 and 2024 both producing 11-5 seasons.

Dallas's needs are not exactly clear, but a struggling receiving corps has took its toll on games Dallas could have won. Last year, Dallas believed they might have had a 'steal' in the 1st round, taking a long shot on scouted receiver Joseph Daniels, who didn't live up to his potential in his rookie year. Now that Dallas currently does not have a 1st round pick, can they find magic in the 2nd to their receiving corps in a draft that is offensive happy, or will they take on another route to improve their team, such as upgrading a defensive back squad who is aging or raw.

If there is one sentence we can sum up from this season and the Dallas Cowboys, it is that Dallas is finally starting to build on a successful franchise after years of uncertainty. Stay tuned for more off season reports.

Re: 2024 season best for Dallas Franchise in MFN-1

By Gustoon
11/18/2015 12:02 pm
Ha ha, great stuff! Jerry Jones please take notes

Re: 2024 season best for Dallas Franchise in MFN-1

By Black Adder
11/18/2015 12:08 pm
Great write up Mr K.

A man with a plan,as Gus mentions,Jerry should take notice.
Last edited at 11/18/2015 12:18 pm

Re: 2024 season best for Dallas Franchise in MFN-1

By Wolfpack
11/18/2015 12:14 pm
I didn't see the section on Jonny Walker Blue? :)