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LA Has A New Owner

By tripc
6/08/2016 3:08 am
Several Media outlets are reporting that there is a new ownership group set to take over LA immediately. The ownership group called "TripC" is set to buy out the remaining stock in the LA franchise as early as this morning.

The "TripC" group owns 5 other teams across the MFN.
CUST-10 - Memphis Flock
CUST-21 - Tullahoma Steam
CUST-35 - Brooklyn Burn
MFN - 66 - Atlanta (Blackbirds)
MFN - 68 - Baltimore (Boom)

Josh head of TripC said this in a phone conversion. We have been eyeing a entry into MFN-1, the opportunity came knocking and we busted the door down. LA hasn't been a powerhouse by any means, making only 3 playoff appearances since MFN-1 kicked off. The team has been owned by the league in 3 of it's seasons. The team is currently sitting at 3-9. Playoffs are most likly out of the question so we will be looking to next season, but we want to see what the team can do for us now.

Head Coach Larry Anderson and his assistant coaches' Jobs are safe for now. As far as players go you can expect some shake ups on the depth chart as we plan to talk with Coach Anderson about getting some young guys some playing time and start looking to the future. Veterans will continue to see the field however.

From TV-FYILA in downtown Los Angels, My name is Justice Rhinestone, thanks for your time.

Re: LA Has A New Owner

By lellow2011
6/08/2016 3:49 am
LA looks to have very little young talent so it looks like you have a tough rebuild in store for you. Good luck.

Re: LA Has A New Owner

By tripc
6/08/2016 9:51 am
So very true but hey I'm up for the challenge!

Re: LA Has A New Owner

By ibblacklavender02
6/08/2016 1:39 pm
Took over that Brooklyn Burn team and haven't missed a beat...Looking forward to seeing you improve this LA squad, good luck!