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QB is Playing Defense

By chinaski
12/24/2013 6:18 pm

My QB got hurt on a defensive play.

Re: QB is Playing Defense

By Firefly
12/25/2013 12:03 pm
That's funny cause I was just about to post this:

(15:00) 20-Richard Jones kicks 60 yards from IND 35 to PIT 5. 19-David Cundiff to PIT 18 for 14 yards. Tackle by 6-Danny Wilson. PIT 12-Gordon Calvillo was injured on the play.
Offensive Play: Kickoff
Defensive Play: Kick Return

Calvillo is my QB. He'll take 8 weeks to heal.

Re: QB is Playing Defense

By Firefly
12/25/2013 12:40 pm
Other weirdness from last game:

-Calvillo got injured in the initial kickoff but came back in later in the first quarter despite being orange

-There were a number of more serious injuries than usual (5 guys orange or yellow on my team)

-The two guys who were supposed to block one of the gunners kept blitzing to block the punt. I hadn't noticed this before.

-Indy had no kicker and rotated players to kick FGs and XPs

Re: QB is Playing Defense

By chinaski
12/25/2013 3:03 pm
I had another one last week and forgot to post, my star HB got an interception. Im writing it off due to the lack of depth I have in the secondary.