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Trade offers

By Firefly
8/12/2013 10:41 pm
I think the restrictions on trades are too strict, JD. I understand the concerns, but IMO it's better to err on the side of freedom.

For example, I was looking at Philly's safety Pecor. If I offer the 1.32 the game says I'm a slight winner. If I offer anything additional, even as little as a 7th rounder, the trade is considered too uneven in Philly's favor and won't allow the offer. Seems a bit extreme.

Re: Trade offers

By ZootMurph
8/12/2013 10:59 pm
I agree. I also think trade value is relative. I am looking at value now that I read Firefly's post, and I think a starting caliber player, just because it isn't a 'glamor' position, is still higher than a 4th round pick in value. It's nice to have something to offer objective value, but everyone knows most trades aren't made because of objective value, but by subjective value. A great QB may be valued in the game for a first round pick, but if every team has a quality starting QB of similar ratings... the value of that QB goes way down...

I think trades should be made based on the market (basically what a team is willing to pay), and not on an objective system.

On another note, we should get a message when someone has made a trade offer. I didn't know that trade offers could be made directly in the game and had an offer sitting in one league, plus just got an offer in another.. I didn't know either were there, and wouldn't have known if it wasn't for Firefly's post here and me checking through stuff. :)

Re: Trade offers

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
8/13/2013 6:33 am
I'll let the rope out a little more and see how it goes :-)

The trade value is calculated by the distribution of players in the draft, which should be (for future potential):

Round 1 - 100 - 84
Round 2 - 84 - 74
Round 3 - 74 - 67
Round 4 - 67 - 61
Round 5 - 61 - 55
Round 6 - 55 - 50
Round 7 - 50 - 45

So the 1.32 should be able to draft a player with future of about 84 future, the 7.32 should be able to draft a player of about 45 future.

But I see what you're saying about demand, I am concerned about people upsetting the competitive balance by doing stupid trades (been in a few FOF leagues where that pretty much drove me away, one player fleecing all the other players and being pretty much unbeatable. Wasn't you, FF, you were unbeatable just because apparently you are just that way) - but I'll extend the unbalanced blocker and we can see if it works better.

Re: Trade offers

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
8/13/2013 6:39 am
On the issue of the e-mail, you should have received a notification via e-mail - it's possible I suppose that it got caught in a spam filter, but it does go out as long as you have the options turned on in your account (it considers a trade notification as a private message)

Re: Trade offers

By Firefly
8/13/2013 9:56 am
Oh, I've done my fair bit of fleecing, I don't mind confessing. I'm not an aggressive fleecer, though, more of a passive one. Help people fleece themselves is my motto.