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Fast cover guy vs slow WR

By ZootMurph
9/12/2013 7:38 am

A pet peeve of mine. The faster DB runs away from the slower WR, leaving the WR wide open. Happens all the time. Drives me crazy :)

Re: Fast cover guy vs slow WR

By ZootMurph
9/16/2013 8:55 am
More coverage issues:

Watch my FS, #42... his coverage is all wrong. First, he is backpedaling in FRONT of the receiver, who is going ACROSS the field... which is about as awful a way to cover as I can imagine. Second, even though he is backpedaling, he is still running away from the receiver, leaving the receiver open. Finally, he makes no move on the ball while it is in the air, seems to do a 360, THEN goes for the tackle.

Overall, THIS type of play is my problem with the passing game. Coverage is all wrong, faster guys run away from their coverage (I guess they can't run a little slower??), and they don't make any move on the ball when it is in the air.

In this particular case, the safety should be covering behind the man he is covering, so his cover target is between him and the QB, so he can make a move on the ball when it is thrown. Because his eyes are on the receiver AND the QB. And the coverage distance should be determined by the distance of the route. If it is a 20 yard crossing route, he can be further away than if it is a 5 yard crossing pattern, which this particular play is. He has to be in a position a) to cover the receiver, b) to see when the ball is thrown, and c) to be able to get to the receiver at the same time as the ball will get there, to either deflect the pass or make a tackle.

As I watch games, I see more and more plays like this. I understand that not every play will have great coverage. But some things are just wrong, and the two that stick out to me are the coverage positioning and the speed thing... I chose this particular play because it shows both issues.