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Coach in game boost

By raymattison21
10/08/2016 11:07 am
Does a kickers coach run block rating effect my blockers on punt returns?

Does my head coach effect run blocking for punt returns in game? My oline coach? Or none of them?

I need an in depth description on how this works? Not how? But with whom on what play(scenerios) does each player recieve from each coach?

I understand the levels it effects play and maybe thats it, but for some reason i am thinking i am missing something.

The way i think it works is the only part special teams play that is effectived in game is the kicker and punter ratings.

But for some reason i am wondering if i had 100 break tackle for all my coaches my punt returner will recieve a maximum boost at breaking tackles on punt returns.

Please, tell me i am being to creative here.