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Scoreboard Ticker

By Beercloud
11/09/2016 6:04 pm
Just some added game detail ideas.

While watching our dots on the big screen, it would be kool to have a live scoreboard ticker of the other games.

And just a small detail, in live mode at the top where our team names are, it says example: Arizona(players). Replace that with the teams records: Arizona(7-8).

Not important game feature wise, just some eye candy to enhance the experience. Especially for newcomers, to grab em with that lil extra wow factor.

Re: Scoreboard Ticker

By adamsneeka
11/10/2016 10:19 pm
Speaking of enhancing the experience i thought an automated news and highlight reel would be an interesting project.
Set some criteria for stats and/or plays and any that fit the criteria are added to a highlight reel that would show like a game style screen with static news 'headlines' in place of the player and team stats
Jets QB X. Zample throws for 400 yards in blowout win.
Jets QB X. Zample throws for 400 yards, not enough to overcome poor defensive showing.
Could place the link next to current week scores header
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