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Position Change.

By Black Adder
12/01/2016 2:02 pm


With position change being all the rage at the moment ,as by the number of posts around the forums,I was wondering about a few things.

What increases weight lose/gain in a player quicker,being active ?,number of plays played? Could I suggest the players Discipline rating should have an impact on this.

Do Rookie`s lose/gain weight quicker when position changed, than experienced players? (old dog-new tricks situation)

Is there a "bracket" of positions that players can only move position and end up being the required weight to play the position ? ie for example, FB--TE--OL, RB--WR--TE, DL--LB, SS/FS--CB ?

I understand on the players card it gives the impression that it`s possible to have ,for example, a RB become a LT,but is this possible,will it take say 5 seasons to scoff enough "Big Macs" to be big enough to play LT at the required weight`ìsh?

Once again thanks for improving this game,it has come so far since I joined MFN,many congratulations.

Re: Position Change.

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
12/01/2016 4:40 pm
Being on a team causes all players to migrate toward the mean weight for their position. This will probably be something that changes in the upcoming version to where a player has a 'frame' weight that they have a difficult time moving off of, but right now it's pretty straightforward.