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TE getting more receptions then WR

By Phinsfan
11/30/2013 2:32 pm
I noticed in MFN-2 as well as here in MFN-1 that it seems the TE position is getting more catches than usual. First noticed with my MFN-2 team philly and thought it may be my gameplan. Then noticed it with my MFN-1 team Oak.

So I went to the whole league (MFN-1) player stats and sorted Rec and of the top 20 players in Receptions (this would be 12 Rec or more), 14 are TE's, 1 is a RB (ranked 3rd), and 5 are WR's.

2014 of the top 20 reception leaders 8 were TE (including 3 of the top 5) the rest WR.

2013 of the top 20 reception leaders only 1 was a TE, the rest WR

This has definitely become skewed toward TE's at some point.

Re: TE getting more receptions then WR

By Phinsfan
11/30/2013 11:06 pm
bump for added info

In MFN-2 we just finished wk 10 so a larger sample. Of the top 20 in receptions 9 are TE rest are WR. I believe 5 TE are in the top 7 or 8 in receptions. too much IMO

Re: TE getting more receptions then WR

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
12/02/2013 10:49 am
I am aware of this, it is a side effect of the QB throwing to the most open receiver. What happened before was that the QB would force a throw into coverage, ignoring a wide open receiver, so I added a test to throw to the most open receiver in his field of view when he decides to throw the ball. This probably increased the passes to TE's because they are usually going to be going through zone coverage, or if they are covered man-to-man, they are probably being covered by the defense's worst coverage back. One of the features I plan to add in 0.2 is the ability for you to set the read progression for the QB for each play, and have him lock to it a little bit more since you would now have control over it.

Re: TE getting more receptions then WR

By Firefly
12/03/2013 1:57 pm
Yes, that would also help get the ball more to the #1 WR. My 96/96 WR is currently 5th on the team in receptions with only 4