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Re: End of first half offensive logic

By Cork55
2/26/2014 7:44 pm
Having watched a bunch of games now, one thing that stands out is the use of time outs inside of 2 minutes. This would apply to when a team has the ball near mid field. I see teams constantly calling a time out immediately after their first down play after the 2 minute warning time out. They then do it after the next down and often after 3rd down.

Calling time outs is good, but the offensive goal should be twofold here. The first goal should be to score a TD or a FG at the very least. The second should be to minimize the amount of remaining time left on the clock should the opposing team get the ball.

Teams should be able to run a play and let some clock burn off before calling a time out especially when they are most likely passing.

Is anyone else noticing this?
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