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Inside the 5 yd line

By Morbid
8/14/2014 11:21 am
Seems that teams pretty much will run the ball 3 times when inside the 5 yrd line most of the time. I know I have a couple teams that dont run the ball well and wondering if its possible to adjust this better when we have a first and goal to adjust to more short passes. I have tried setting this for inside the 20 but never fails that once inside the 5 its run run run then FG attempt

Re: Inside the 5 yd line

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
8/14/2014 12:07 pm
Thanks for the post - hopefully we can figure out why you're seeing this. There is no special logic that kicks in for goal-to-go situations, so it should be pulling completely from your game plan. Looking in the DB I see a pretty balanced spread:

31% Outside Run
26% Inside Run
28% Short Pass
13% Medium Pass
2% Long Pass

In your game planning screen, if you click on "View Plays" for that last quadrant (most likely inside the 5 will be considered "short" unless you're having a really, really bad day offensively, in which case you probably won't be inside the 5 very often) you should see the weight for each play in that situation - are your passing plays weighted close to the running plays? Be sure to look at your personnel as well when making adjustments - if you load the recommended personnel, the AI will put more emphasis on heavy personnel which will tilt the play calls toward the running plays.

Re: Inside the 5 yd line

By Morbid
8/14/2014 7:08 pm
Ahhhh...yes it was my bad on that. I wasnt using the short logic just the 1st,2nd,3rd down settings overall.