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By ZootMurph
11/08/2013 10:14 pm
How about some running plays out of this formation?

Also, a couple of running plays for scrambling QBs would be nice, also. Love to see a QB sweep out of the 5WR set. And maybe a QB sneak for goal line or short yardage plays.

Re: 1RB/4WR

By ZootMurph
11/08/2013 10:15 pm
Preferably, a create your own plays setup ;) ;) ;)

Re: 1RB/4WR

By TheAdmiral
7/22/2020 12:53 pm
The 5WR, 1TE/4WR and 1RB/4WR sets all need some running plays to make them relevant. Owners rarely use these formations as they are too predictable