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2029 Season

By Mr.Krazy
10/07/2016 10:19 pm
GG Buffalo

Meyers was looking good.. until he threw 3 picks with the last one coming on a crucial drive that we needed to score.

Sometimes Meyer just pisses me off lol, he does not play accordingly to his rating at times but oh well.

Good luck the rest of the way

Re: 2029 Season

By ibblacklavender02
10/08/2016 7:38 am
GG Cleveland,

That started out as some smash mouth football with great defense.... I think if you mixed up the play calling just a little bit and you would've pulled it off.....Good luck on the rest of your season

Re: 2029 Season

By $B$Dog$
10/09/2016 9:43 am
GG Mr. K. I got lucky in that win. This is going to be a long year for Buffalo. Might be my only win this season, unless I get lucky again.

Re: 2029 Season

By Wolfpack
10/12/2016 9:06 am
GG Oakland

Re: 2029 Season

By lellow2011
10/12/2016 10:35 am
GG Cleveland, I managed to get plenty of yardage through the air but the completion percentage is still driving me nuts.

Re: 2029 Season

By JCSwishMan33
10/12/2016 11:33 am
Well, I was going to say that I felt like my team was improving, but... Not so much now. Heh.

GG to all my opponents, past and future. Because it'll probably be a GG for you, not me.

Much like the real Browns. :D

Re: 2029 Season

By Black Adder
10/12/2016 2:22 pm
GG BDogs,

That RB Ochoa is a beast to try and bring down,If you fancy trading him,you know where I am.

Re: 2029 Season

By Wolfpack
10/14/2016 7:53 am
GG ATL good defensive battle.

Re: 2029 Season

By Davesgang
10/14/2016 10:26 am
Congrats on the overtime win Oakland! You guys were catching balls from Wilkerson better than my guys were;) Looking forward to our rematch

Re: 2029 Season

By WarEagle
10/14/2016 7:01 pm
Good game DET.

That couldn't have gone any worse for me.