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Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

By Mr.Krazy
6/23/2015 5:40 am
Round 1

1.1 Cleveland- CB Thomas Padilla: Cleveland lost a lot of players this season, and desperately need a defensive player than can create opportunities for the offense. The Iowa State CB could be the change that Cleveland has been dreaming for.

1.2 New York- FS Thomas Womack: The only team with 3 1st round picks, New York will try out the Michigan Safety in their run focused defense, and with Womack playing deep, NY could become a fierce opponent in 2023.

1.3 Chicago- QB Matthew Hicks: The #1 QB in the draft will drop to Chicago, where Hicks will become the starter for Chicago, and could lead Chicago back to the playoffs if they play their cards right.

1.4 New York- RB Miguel Call: New York will strike again with the biggest surprise pick of the draft, picking up the back from Henderson State. Call could bring New York the Rushing attack the team desperately needs.

1.5 New Orleans- SLB Aaron Jackson: Jackson will bring hard hitting competition to New Orleans as the man from Wagner set all time school records in tackles and pass knockdowns.

1.6 Tampa Bay- QB Peter Davis: The QB from Michigan State at 6'4 is picked up by the Buc's to bring new leadership into the franchise, this will be the QB to watch this season.

1.7 Kansas City- WLB Steven Eaves: A player that can play both weak and strong linebacker, the man from Clemson will surely bring strength to any defensive situation, both pass rush and run stuffing.

1.8 Tennessee- TE/LT John Solomon: Although an all pro in college at Tight End, the 6'3 Utah machine can also play offensive tackle or Guard if needed. If he stays a TE, defenses will have to watch this key player.

1.9 Baltimore- CB Andre Waldron: In the "Year of the Corners" Baltimore will go with the 204 lb. mammoth of a corner from Southern Cal. and he will for sure be a starter for Baltimore.

1.10 Denver- WR Billy Sapienza: The #1 receiver in the draft drops all the way to Denver to pick up, and the Valdosta State receiver not only ran the fastest 40, but was NCAA Offensive Player of the Year.

1.11 San Francisco- CB Alfonso Orozco: A great addition to a struggling defensive back corps for San Fran will not only improve the defense, but influence the defense to step up as well. The Corner from Iowa will be a difference maker in the 49ers defense.

1.12 Miami- MLB Michael Montes: The Houston MLB will surely fill the position well and will further increase the chances of Miami making the Super Bowl, as Montes will help carry the defense.

1.13 Atlanta- TE Royce Woodward: Arguably the best player in the draft, the Alabama Tight End will make an immediate impact, both in the receiving and blocking game.

1.14 Houston- TE Avery Ramos: Houston will add another receiving force with the Tight end from Austin and most likely will take over Fowler's starting role.

1.15 Denver- S Michael Sommerville: Eligible to play both safety positions, Denvers 2nd pick definitely wont go to waste with the 205 lb. safety from California, Pa. filling the starting role.

1.16 Buffalo- WR John Doctor: Nicknamed "Doctor Evil", The fierce receiver from Western Kentucky will add more competition to an already stacked receiving corps. from Buffalo. Watch as Doctor will be sure to turn some heads come this season.

1.17 Indianapolis- S Albert Johnson: The strong safety from Stephen F. Austin will make an early impact in indy despite being only 191 lbs. Don't judge a book by this cover, cause Johnson brings a punch when it comes to punishing the receiver.

1.18 Dallas- WR Rene Rehburg: Dallas can add more depth to a position that needs talent with Rehburg. The rare receiver who did not attend a 4 year college has enough talent to be draft eligible, and could bring a target for young QB Shaffer.

1.19 Seattle- MLB Don Baldwin: Seattle lost a lot of players to retirements and free agency so they needed to choose wisely with this pick. Baldwin, will be the backbone of Seattle's defense and graduated from Syracuse, he is more than ready for the big leagues.

1.20 Washington- WLB Danny Buckingham: Buckingham will bring power and awareness to an already steep Washington defense that made a push towards the end of last season. The 22 year old from Toledo could be the difference between the playoffs and the Superbowl.

1.21 San Diego- TE Jesse Cuevas: The Tight End from Delaware could be the missing key San Diego has been waiting for to make it to the championship game. Ranked in the top 3 last season in his position, Cuevas will surely be a target to face.

1.22 Arizona- WR Christopher Finch: Adding to an already talented offensive group, the addition of Finch will make Arizona almost unstoppable offensively. The #1 receiver from SW Oklahoma State racked up a 1,500+ yd. season last year and was 3rd candidate for OROY.

1.23 Pittsburgh- DT Christopher Flores: Division Champions since 2018, Pittsburgh plans to keep their defense young and strong with the first defensive lineman pick from Texas. Flores brings the best out of all lineman aspects and is the best defensive lineman in the draft.

1.24 Minnesota- CB David Sauceda: Hungry for more playoff appearances, adding more depth of cornerback will help out this deserving team. From Pittsburgh, Sauceda lead the team in interceptions and tackles, and could likely do the same for Minny.

1.25 Oakland- LT Steve Hopkins: Oakland has been one of the better teams in the AFC West, one of the most toughest divisions in the league. Hopkins, out of Delaware Valley, could see a transition between left and right guard as Oakland continues their trend of great drafts.

1.26 New York- CB Audrey Kennedy: The NFC East will be tougher after New York's 3rd 1st round pick is chosen which could be Kennedy. The Wake Forest CB is a Strong DB with no hesitation to hit any receiver.

1.27 Green Bay- RB William Owens: Green bay was close but not close enough last year to advance further into the playoffs mainly due to their backfield. Owen can change that as the RB from Dartmouth has the potential to become Green Bay's star Running back.

1.28 Jacksonville- WR Edward Richards: A team that keeps on rising in the ranks, Jacksonville can improve their offense with Richards. The receiver from Iowa is a fast paced competitor than could assist Jacksonville into becoming a championship team.

1.29 New Jersey- CB Robert Gates: New Jersey is one of the leagues best teams both offensively and defensively, and adding Gates will help keep the team young. The DB from Brigham Young will be a welcomed addition to the Jets and Gates could eventually become the team starting CB.

1.30 Philadelphia- CB Joseph Buell: Philadelphia, with 3 consecutive division championships, lost some DB's this offseason, but will fight back by adding Buell. The Prairie View A&M CB will add depth to a much needed position and will probably start for the star studded team.

1.31 Carolina- WR Phillip Wallace: Wallace will be yet another threat to Carolina's Multiple threat offense, as the Susquehanna receiver could be part of another championship caliber team.

1.32 San Diego- RT Brent Morrow: San Diego ends round 1 with a position filler in Morrow, although Morrow was one of the greatest OT's to come out of Syracuse this year. Morrow will fit nicely into the pass focused scheme.

Teams that did not have a 1st round pick:
New England Patriots
Cincinnati Bengals
St. Louis Rams
Detroit Lions

Re: Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

By Black Adder
6/23/2015 8:54 am
Really really enjoyed this mock draft.Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this Mr K,I`m sure you will have lots of comments on it....

As for the Dolphins,having picked Linebackers in the first round in the last 2 drafts,let me guarantee you here....

Miami will not be taking a LB at 1.12!

Re: Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

By Gustoon
6/23/2015 11:05 am
This is what we in Zona think of this draft.....

Cheers Mr.K!

Re: Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

By martinwarnett
6/23/2015 1:19 pm
Interesting but I can safely say for a fact he's wrong about San Fran - have other plans.

Re: Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

By Mr.Krazy
6/23/2015 2:13 pm
Thanks Guys, remember I am only guessing on which players will be picked by a team based on what position has a lack of depth or not enough talent on. That's why I mock your drafts lol. Even I may not pick up a WR ;)

And this took over 3 hours to complete everyone's mock draft pick after some research.

Re: Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

By jdavidbakr - Site Admin
6/23/2015 3:02 pm
Love this. Thanks for taking the time, Krazy.

Re: Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

By jsid
6/23/2015 3:30 pm
great job, mr. k.

Re: Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

By Tecra031
6/23/2015 7:48 pm
Awesome job with this Krazy, well done

Re: Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

6/24/2015 1:53 am
I don't have WR Richards on my first rd list, but I still enjoyed the mock draft!!

Re: Mr.Krazy's Mock Draft 1.0

By JCSwishMan33
6/24/2015 8:18 am
Of the latest "Mr. Krazy Mock Draft 1.0", Browns owner Jeff Coleman had this to say:

"Very, very interesting..."

This was done while steepling his fingers in a very evil, almost maniacal way.